Did You Hear the Ghosts?

Submitted by Rosie Bell

Culloden, Scotland


Listen to this ghost story read by British folksinger David Walton from Episode 42 – Apocalypse:


My friend and I were staying at a very posh, upmarket hotel in Culloden, a mini Gleneagles Hotel, dotted all over with the private owner’s own beautiful antiques. The reason we had to stay there was no one in the town would take us with our beautiful Doberman, Otto. Well, the three of us were warmly welcomed by the proprietors and we were shown to a beautifully appointed old room with thirteen (I counted them) fluffy American style towels and piles of full sized Roger et Gallet Sandlewood soap. Luxury indeed! We snuggled under our thick duvets in our single beds and soon drifted off to sleep. I was awakened in the middle of the night by loud, distressed barking and I shouted over to my friend to ask what was going on to disturb the dog so much. I was told to piss off and I looked over to where Otto was lying, curled up sound asleep. He lifted his head as if to say piss off too and I went back under the covers. Just on the brink of sleep, I was awakened again by the sound of what seemed to be a giant dog, howling and barking and throwing himself against the door! I was more terrified this time as I realized I was the only one hearing this. I asked if I could get in beside my friend but was told again, in no uncertain terms where to go. Dogs are supposed to hear things that humans can’t but my big dopeydukus wasn’t at all disturbed.

On my return to the Lowlands, I told my daughters and my mother in law about my holiday in the highlands and, on hearing we stayed at Culloden House, my mother in law asked “Did you hear the ghost?” I turned to my daughters and asked “did you tell her?” To which they wanted to know “what, you haven’t told us anything yet!” My mother in law, a country girl herself, said “It’s a ghost dog, separated from its master at the Battle of Culloden and it comes back trying to find him!”




Crossed Connections

Told by Barret Ravenhurst, PHD, Owner of The Emporium of Curious Goods.

Written by T. Fox Dunham

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, United States


Listen to the narrated version by David Walton on EP27: DECEMBER DARKNESS

Barret Ravenhurst told me a strange tale of telephones and the dead last time I visited Jim Thorpe, PA. Jim Thorpe is a beautiful town at the southern end of what we call the Poconos, a mountainous region of Pennsylvania. Many visit these mountains to enjoy the forests, parks and lakes to ski, hike or kayak. The towns were built during the coal mining era of Pennsylvania and are deeply rooted in Irish folklore and ghost stories.

Barret Ravenhurst runs the The Emporium of Curious Goods, a new age store providing relics and supplies to several religions including Buddhism and paganism. It is a beautiful store, more like a museum that smells of sweet incense and offers decorations of nature and Asian culture to the eye.

When I met Barret on this later day of August, he was a bit astounded by a series of events that had recently transpired. He says the events are hard to follow but all is understood by the end of the tale.

Years ago, they had a wiccan clerk named Debbie. She’d emailed him that her life partner, Bernie, had died of cancer at the age of 56 and asked Barret if he knew anyone who would conduct a Wiccan funeral. Barret knew of just the person: Psychic & Tarot reader, Dave.  Dave said he could do the service on Friday at 8PM, even though he was a stranger to Debbie and Bernie. After the service on Friday, Bernie was cremated and the ashes were scattered Sunday.

Now the Emporium as with all the downtown shops of Jim Thorpe, PA, has terrible pavement in the front. There was a cement contractor doing most of them over, and this contractor left a contract for Barret to sign on that Sunday. Barret decided to call the contractor’s office and leave a message for him to stop in the next day to pick up the contract. He dialed the 610 number listed on his contact information and was surprised when a lady answered. Barret introduced himself, said where he was calling from, and to his further surprise the women seemed to know Barret and even sounded happy that he called. He started to give the message about the contract, and the woman interrupted him: “Do you know who you are talking to, Barret?”

Barret replied with, “Ok. I give up. Who are you?” Her answer nearly made him fall off his chair.

“This is Debbie. We are out in the cemetery scattering Bernie’s ashes right now. I felt my phone vibrate. What number were you trying to call?” He told her, and the number shared no similarity to hers.

Barret thought this was the end of the story, but a little after 3PM, his friend Rick said he was hungry for french fries, so he phoned a nearby pizza place. However, instead of getting the pizza place, he ended up calling Dave, the psychic who performed the wiccan funeral. Again, the number was different. Dave told him he was out of fries and should order Chinese instead. Barret nearly fell out of his chair again.

Often, we hear stories of the dead trying to communicate through various and beclouded devices. Was this another such story? Or just a series of coincidences? What is the telephone connection to the dead? And can we hear their message?