Please enjoy our archive of ghost stories. You can get to them by scrolling down to the menu on the left. Most ghost stories come with an audio player that plays the audio narration of the ghost story. 


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I started this project the the hope to simply collect ghost stories, based on my work with the Pennsylvania Historic Museum Commission using their guide to the scientific collection of folklore. It was also for form, and what started out as a simple website to publish new true ghost stories in October has expanded into a new major media project being lead by our podcast.

But still, the original idea was an archive. So here it is. As we gather new true ghost stories, most never been told before, we will categorize them and place in this archive for your enjoyment and research. We will keep adding to this archive, and we please invite you to submit yours or leave a comment in our forum.

So please feel free to enjoy these days. They all came from real people who are out there trying to understand. That’s what we’re about here. We’re sharing our stories, learning, trying to understand.