Horror authors T. Fox Dunham (HWA) & Phil Thomas return for their second Friday and haunted Pennhurst Asylum! During the Halloween season, this derelict campus–once a notorious colony for the mentally ill and abandoned–comes alive (or undead) as one of best haunted attractions in the north east of the United States.

Phil and Fox were treated as special guests, recording two episodes from the courtyard. They were treated to free VIP passes on both nights to enjoy the great special effects and fear techniques employed by the talented cast of actors and storytellers at Pennhurst Asylum.


 (From WIki) – Pennhurst State School and Hospital, originally known as the Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic was an institution for mentally and physically disabled individuals of Southeastern Pennsylvania located in Spring City.[4] After a century of controversy, it closed on December 9, 1987.[5]


The reported ghost that most intrigued us was the spirit of Doctor Fear (Jesse Fear) a resident doctor at Pennhurst in the late 20th century. Doctor Fear had admitted under inquiry to severe patient abuses including injecting  a patient with a chemical to induce severe pain in order to punish the patient. We have heard several reports from visitors and paranormal investigators that the ghost of the sadistic doctor returned to the campus after his death to haunt the derelict Mayflower Building. Many investigators have encountered this demonic doctor, and in one poignant case, a ghost investigator gathered a strange EVP. The bodies of many patients were never accounted for on the site and authorities assumed that the corpses had been buried on the extensive property. When the ghost of Doctor Fear was asked what he did with the bodies, a frightening voice responded, “I burned them.”



Photo taken by Vicki DiManno at Pennhurst

On Episode 62, we interview the resident paranormal investigation group who also gives nocturnal tours at Pennhurst: GHOST HUNTS USA. Here is a link to their Pennhurst page, detailing many of the paranormal experiences there. We spoke to Vicki Demanno, one of the tour guides at Pennhurst. She and her fiancée, Ryan Wirth, met at Pennhurst 4 years ago on their first date. She tells us some dark stories on the show: of evil spirits in the basement, lost patients in the wards, and a jackal-like creature that roams the grounds before dawn, a jackal depicted in the wall scrawling of former patients. It’s an amazing interview about the ghosts of Pennhurst Asylum, and they give great tours there. Check out the website for more information.

Ghost hunts with Ghost Hunts USA are structured ghost hunting events in the most haunted locations across America. Most of our events have psychic mediums in attendance and we have fully trained staff to ensure you get to explore in the most active areas of each location. Your time spent is structured, from participating in Psychic Medium led séances, lone vigils, wait and watch experiments and trigger object experiments. You also have free time to roam freely in your chosen location to undertake your own private lone vigils.
For more information about touring with GHOST HUNTS USA, check out their website.



On our second night there, we were first approached by a gentleman in his wife who were visiting Pennhurst Asylum. He was a kind man, and we spoke about a memorial parade at Gettysburg he planned to attend in November. As a preacher, he declined to believe in ghosts haunting the earth as it was against his beliefs. “You go to heaven or hell,” he said. Still, he was intrigued by the idea of ghosts and what they could be. A short time later, he returned with a photo he’d taken of one of the empty and abandoned buildings. Now Pennhurst runs on a generator and light is scarce. There is no power in any of the other buildings not used and they’re mostly closed off for safety reasons.

This is the photo he sent us.

Photo taken at dusk of the dietary hall with no light sources or power in the building and no reflections.


Later that night, Fox got an email from William the Preacher which simply stated this:

I shared the photo with you of the light on in the dietary hall,  blow the picture up and tell me what you see? Please explain? I believe now.

Do you see what William sees? Trying expanding the photo.




We were thrilled to have Jonathan Elias on the show to share some great Halloween baking tips! And no, not just pumpkin stuff! T. Fox Dunham interviews master baker Jonathan Elias to get some ideas on some easy things to bake for the spooky holiday. We learn about the pressure of competing on a television show like Halloween Baking Championship and how he visualizes his ideas including snake cakes and a devil cake.

Jonathan adores Halloween, often setting up popular haunted locations in his parent’s backyard and going all out on costumers. Check this incredible picture of Jonathan going as a demon–a theme that inspired one of his baking creations. He shares with Fox several ideas for Halloween confections, including quick ideas for the parent who has to bake something the night before a school party. We were so lucky to have him on the show. Thank you Jonathan, and we’re cheering you on!

Jonathan Elias is a young, up-and-coming pastry chef, specializing in custom designed cakes. He began at a young age helping his grandmother in the kitchen, baking cakes and middle-eastern desserts. As a young adult, he enrolled in the culinary program at Macomb Community College, with an emphasis on pastries. During his time at MCC, he entered several pastry competitions, 2 of which resulted in 1st place victories. He also partook in a rare opportunity to learn exquisite cake-decorating techniques by the world-renowned pastry chef, Kerry Vincent. After graduation, Jonathan worked his way up to becoming the pastry chef of Cameron’s Steakhouse in Birmingham, MI where he resided for seven years. He currently is the pastry chef at Birmingham, MI Hyde Park Steakhouse. His time away from Hyde Park Steakhouse is spent working on his true passion: making unique and delicious cakes as The Pastry Guru. He has assumed this role for over 5 years, during which he has partaken in multiple shows, such as Decadence Food & Wine Tasting. His clientele include Detroit Lions stars, Nate Burleson and Stephen Tulloch, and Joe Farris of Project Runway and Motor City Denim. He also had his work featured in the HBO-hit show, Hung, and in Ambassador Magazine.
Check out Jonathan’s business at his website, The Pastry Guru

Horror Author Daniel Braum – PART 3 of his Short Story

Daniel Braum returns with part of his Halloween horror story, A MAN’S GUIDE TO COSTUMES AND THE MOST COMMON WAYS TO GET ARRESTED. It’s from his collection of short stories, HE WISH MECHANICS: Stories of the Strange and Fantastic. Get it on AMAZON!

Take a walk on the wild side, through the twilight zone of dark and dangerous and dangerously personal terrain of Daniel Braum’s short stories. Navigate impossible worlds and hidden corners of our own with damaged men and women seeking love and transcendence. There is heartache, loss, and stark poignant truths in the dark places these stories fearlessly venture, but also magic, mystery, beauty and wonder. Do you dare to dream? Do you dare to make a wish? Find out just who are the Wish Mechanics before answering. Braum effortlessly blends horror, science-fiction, and fantasy in his unique style and vision that transcends genre.

Dark, literary, weird-fiction stories such as How To Make Love and Not Turn to Stone operate with the Night Time Logic of Robert Aickman. The vivid, exotic settings evoke the majestic prose of Braum’s literary hero Lucius Shepard. The genre blending fantasy and science fiction of The Canopy Crawlers and Tea in the Sahara channel “the anything can happen spirit of the late, great grandmaster Tanith Lee. Cover Art by George Cotronis

We’re a great fan of Daniel’s work, and we’re really excited to have his episodic reading of the story from the Wish Mechanics! Buy it at AMAZON!


SCARECROW – New Indie Horror Music

On episode 62, we play you a spooky song from Rachel Mason and The Little Band of Sailors. SCARECROW!

Rachel Mason is an artist, musician and filmmaker from Los Angeles. Mason has recorded 13 albums, has toured, exhibited sculpture, video and performance at the Whitney Museum, Queens Museum, LACMA, Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art, School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Henry Gallery in Seattle, James Gallery at CUNY, University Art Museum in Buffalo, Sculpture Center, Hessel Museum of Art at Bard and Occidental College, Kunsthalle Zurich, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, The New Museum, Park Avenue Armory, Art in General, La Mama, Galapagos, Dixon Place, and Empac Center for Performance in Troy among other venues. Reviews include New York Times, Village Voice, Los Angeles Times, Flash Art, Art in America, Art News, and Artforum. Her album and feature film, The Lives of Hamilton Fish. has toured festivals and museums internationally and was released in 2016. instagram: @futureclown  – Twitter: @RachelMasonArt – https://www.facebook.com/RachelMasonArt/

Little Band of Sailors:

LBOS blend folk, prog, goth, and heavy metal. Think Jefferson Airplane meets Black Sabbath. Their live shows are often a bewitching… costumed spectacle of energy and contagious delight combined with haunting melodies. The band is fronted by Rachel Mason, a sculptor and a performer, whose lyrics draw equally from history and fantasy to forge surreal narratives. https://www.facebook.com/little.band.of.sailors/



This night, at Pennhurst Asylum, we were joined by a dog rescue organization. To Love A Canine Rescue. They’re a wonderful organization that rescues dogs from bad situations and finds them either homes or foster homes. We wished we could have taken a dog home with us. We do an interview with them on this episode, but Fox said he’d do the interview as long as they brought over puppies to visit Fox’s wife Allison at the What Are You Afraid Of? table to visit her! She wanted to take a puppy named Alvin home. Well, soon. Enjoy the interview, and if you have room in your heart, adopt a lost dog.


We will be at the King of Prussia Mall on MALLOWEEN OCT 28th 2017 at 10AM at Uncanny Comics! We will be in costume and giving out candy. Come hang out with us as we record our Halloween special and visit with J. Lee Dodson, author of the Evil Klown Survival Guide.


We had an amazing time at Pennhurst Asylum. On our next episode, we do an interview with Paranormal Lockdown’s Katrina Weidman.



And we’ll be at the King of Prussia Mall on October 28th 2017 at Uncanny Comics for Malloween, giving out candy and stories in the morning! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!


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(A Horror Medical Thriller Novel from Blood Bound Books.)


By T. Fox Dunham

(Host of What Are You Afraid of Horror & Paranormal Podcast)

FANGORIA gives MERCY 3.5 out 4 Skulls – “Dunham has channeled his many brushes with the other side into the exquisitely rendered, lyrical supernatural hospital thriller MERCY.READ FULL REVIEW HERE.


 Part medical horror, part supernatural suspense, MERCY is a hard-hitting fever dream of a novel. I enjoyed the hell out of it!” ~ Tim Waggoner, author of The Way of All Flesh and Eat The Night

Pain and poetry flow in equal measure through these pages. Dunham’s prose strikes deep and hits all the right notes. MERCY is unforgettably vivid.” ~ David Dunwoody, author of Hell Walks and The 3 Egos

William Saint is dying of cancer. On most days death seems like a humane alternative to the treatment. Stricken with fever, William is rushed to Mercy—notorious as a place to send the sickest of the poor and uninsured to be forgotten—and finds the hospital in even worse condition than his previous visit. The grounds are unkempt, the foundation is cracking, and like the wild mushrooms sprouting from fissures of decay around it, something is growing inside the hospital. Something dark. It’s feeding on the sickness and sustaining itself on the staff, changing them. And now it wants Willie.

This was my death.

Life is an addiction.

Love is the only force that is real. Read . . . and understand what I saw. I put it in metaphor. You do not understand what you do not understand.


Author of Mercy – T. Fox Dunham

Buy on Kindle at Amazon

Or Buy in Paperback at Amazon

Music Rights

“The Chamber” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

“Lamentation” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

“Come Play With Me” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

“Ghost Story” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

SCARECROW from Rachel Mason & The Little Band of Sailors (Studio version) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. Used with permission by the owner.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE GHOST OF JOHN by The Undermasks Licensed under Attribution 3.0.


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