I’m Watching You!

Sent in by Jess G from Los Angeles, California


Listen to the ghost story, read by British folksinger David Walton from Episode 43: WATCHERS:


I was a high school student and my mother’s father, who I was very close to, had just passed away from brain cancer. A couple weeks after his passing, the family (my mother, brother, grandmother) and I were cleaning up and clearing out his home office. I was on the computer making sure I had saved everything I wanted to keep onto my flash drive, since I had been the sole user of the computer for the past several months to do homework on while we had been over helping to care for my grandfather. When I turned the computer on, there was a flashing notification from the printer saying there was a document ready to print. Before I could figure out what document it was, it just began printing on its own. I thought that was odd, but figured it was just a glitch and I stood there waiting for some old homework I had probably forgotten to cancel from the printer to come out of the machine. But instead, a full-sized image of my grandfather (his favorite photo of himself that I had taken by the way) came out, and beneath it, in blood-dripping style font in bright red said very cryptically, “I’M WATCHING YOU”. There was no plausible explanation for that printout. I had used the printer countless times while he had been ill to print homework and never had I ever seen that document before. My family all laughed when they too saw what was coming out of the printer. We all knew it was my grandfather giving us his last joke, his last dramatic hoorah send-off. He was a playful man in life, always doing what he could just for a laugh and even in death he managed to succeed.

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