Did You Hear the Ghosts?

Submitted by Rosie Bell

Culloden, Scotland


Listen to this ghost story read by British folksinger David Walton from Episode 42 – Apocalypse:


My friend and I were staying at a very posh, upmarket hotel in Culloden, a mini Gleneagles Hotel, dotted all over with the private owner’s own beautiful antiques. The reason we had to stay there was no one in the town would take us with our beautiful Doberman, Otto. Well, the three of us were warmly welcomed by the proprietors and we were shown to a beautifully appointed old room with thirteen (I counted them) fluffy American style towels and piles of full sized Roger et Gallet Sandlewood soap. Luxury indeed! We snuggled under our thick duvets in our single beds and soon drifted off to sleep. I was awakened in the middle of the night by loud, distressed barking and I shouted over to my friend to ask what was going on to disturb the dog so much. I was told to piss off and I looked over to where Otto was lying, curled up sound asleep. He lifted his head as if to say piss off too and I went back under the covers. Just on the brink of sleep, I was awakened again by the sound of what seemed to be a giant dog, howling and barking and throwing himself against the door! I was more terrified this time as I realized I was the only one hearing this. I asked if I could get in beside my friend but was told again, in no uncertain terms where to go. Dogs are supposed to hear things that humans can’t but my big dopeydukus wasn’t at all disturbed.

On my return to the Lowlands, I told my daughters and my mother in law about my holiday in the highlands and, on hearing we stayed at Culloden House, my mother in law asked “Did you hear the ghost?” I turned to my daughters and asked “did you tell her?” To which they wanted to know “what, you haven’t told us anything yet!” My mother in law, a country girl herself, said “It’s a ghost dog, separated from its master at the Battle of Culloden and it comes back trying to find him!”



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