The Weird Globe

Told by Brian from Pennsylvania

Written by T. Fox Dunham – Read by Allison Ledbetter





Often people have supernatural or paranormal experiences that don’t quite fit into the classic paradigm that defines a ghost story, and they don’t understand what they have. They approach us and start usually by saying, I’ve had something weird happened to me, but I don’t know if it was a ghost. It was just weird.

I found one such story while visiting the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA with my wife Allison. The museum is a collection of historic artifacts, displayed in rooms and faux storefronts that are built into several levels that are housed inside the stone walls of a castle. The artifacts display the centennial life and culture of Americans going back to the founding of the country. The castle is old, built of stone and mortar and has many dark corners where the shadows stir—a ripe setting for something a bit spooky. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be the one locking up alone at night.

Of course, I asked the staff if they’d ever had any paranormal encounters, hoping the old building would yield some ripe stories for the show. I spoke to Brian, a volunteer at the museum, and he did indeed have a story, though it wasn’t about the museum.

One winter morning, in his town of Lower Makefield, Brian’s dog insisted on an early walk. Brian got out of bed, bundled up against the cold and begrudging took his eager dog to the sidewalk to do his morning business. As Brian waited for the dog to finished, he noticed something odd behind a tree in a neighbor’s yard. He rubbed his eyes, believing the effect to be from his soporific state, yet the strange anomaly of light did not clarify. As he watched, a large ball of light, as big as a pumpkin, floated out from behind the tree, making sudden 90 degree turns and eerily hovered around the neighborhood. It was transparent but looked like a glowing crystal ball. And just as fast as it appeared, the ball floated up into the light, beyond sight and never came back down.

What Brian had seen quite befuddled him, but he was too cold to investigate more and eager to go back to bed. The dog had finished and didn’t care at all about the encounter. He walked the dog home and filed the experience as something weird.


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