The Man In Flannel

A True Ghost Story

by Katie Montana Jordan


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His flannel was red and dark blue, long sleeved, and newer looking. I was near the cattle grate, the Man in Flannel was about 50 yards away, standing in front of my chicken coop. It was cold that day on the ranch in rural Montana and I was out tending to my goats, Harold and Maude. I didn’t notice the Man in Flannel until Harold motioned towards him. I looked up to see the strange man who seemed to be smiling and waving at me. Even though I was home alone this afternoon, I wasn’t scared of this stranger on my property because I also had my four dogs out with me. But they didn’t seem to notice him. It wasn’t uncommon to see strangers hike around my property line, usually on their way out to the brush to hunt, but this guy was standing in my yard. When I realized I didn’t see a car that he must have pulled up in, I stood there for minute, eyeing him. I turned my head, not sure why, one of my dogs must have barked or something, and when I looked back up, the Man In Flannel was gone.

My front yard was open, the backside of the cabin sat at a drop off of a steep hill, and the ranch was huge. The chicken coop was locked. There was no place for the Man In Flannel to have run off to that I wouldn’t have seen. And if he had run, my dogs would have chased him. All four of them were near me, as were Harold and Maude. The Man In Flannel seemed to have vanished.

I assumed I had just seen a spirit, but I also did my common rationalizing and considered that I imagined it, or that I misinterpreted whatever I thought I saw. I went back to work. About an hour later, I saw him again. He was closer and definitely smiling. He had dark brown hair and a dark bushy mustache. He was shorter than me and wearing blue jeans. He smiled a big smile and walked behind my barn. I remember taking my gloves off and throwing them on the ground as I ran up to my barn. The Man In Flannel was again gone.

For whatever reason, he made sure I saw him, and he made a point to show me that he was smiling. I didn’t feel threatened or intimidated, but I was a bit bothered that the man chose to appear to me when I was home alone. Why do ghosts have to be cryptic and mysterious? Why couldn’t the Man In Flannel wait until my boyfriend was home, then come knock on the front door and ask to be let in?

I did hear a man’s voice inside the cabin from time to time when I was home alone. Once was a very clear “Hello” when I was standing in my kitchen. Was it the Man In Flannel? Why did he only make his presence known to me? Was he associated to the property? Whoever he was, my animals weren’t afraid of him, so I wasn’t. The impression that I got of him that day in the yard was that he was almost watching out for me. I saw him twice that day, but never saw him again after that.



Katie Montana Jordan is a Freelance Writer, Occult Specialist, Paranormal Researcher and Independent Consultant. She is Writing Consultant and Field Researcher to Paranormal Research & Investigations, Independent Consultant to Scottish Ghost Adventures, as well as Occult Scholar to What Are You Afraid of Podcast. Both an ordained minister and pagan priestess, Katie is currently obtaining her PhD in holistic theology. A Whitefish, Montana native, Katie now resides in Portland, Oregon.

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