Ghost Hands

Written by Katie Montana Jordan

Member of Oregon Paranormal

Salem Oregon, USA – 2014

Ghost Story Narrated from Episode 21: Samhain

“His hands were cold and rough. I fought the hands off and got a quick look at them, before they wrapped themselves around my throat again. They were man’s hands. Huge and cut off below the wrists. These hands were only hands with wrists. No elbows, no arms, no person attached to them. I was being choked by someone I couldn’t see.

Being touched by unseen entities isn’t new for me. As a paranormal researcher, I often give permission aloud to be touched whilst investigating. I tell whoever is present at our investigative locations that they are welcome to pull my hair or tug on my clothes. One time, my team and I were wrapping up a late-night investigation, everyone else was upstairs, and as I reached the top stair to step out of a well-known paranormally active basement, I felt my ass get smacked and squeezed. The spirit we were documenting that night is known for liking the ladies. I had been in the basement pretty much that whole night, but with no contact or activity. He had made sure to get the last word in by grabbing my ass. I was annoyed, but not scared.

But the hands were scary. In my line of work, it takes a lot to jolt me, and I was jolted.

I had been lying in bed, not quite asleep. I didn’t see anyone or hear anything, but was jolted out of bed by these ghost hands. I’m not sure if it was for three seconds or three hours, but I kicked and fought and then the hands finally dissipated. The attack felt personal. Another hazard of my line of work is that I’m constantly questioning my own sanity. As a paranormal researcher, it’s my job to maintain a healthy skepticism, even towards myself. But this experience left me so jolted, I didn’t tell anyone about it for a couple months. When I finally talked to someone about it, his response wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

katie-skullI was told by a good friend, colleague and professional psychic that his impression of the body-less hand man was someone from my past. A past life past. I was told that the hand man was seeking retribution for some wrong doing of mine in another life. This same psychic, which of whom I had a past life discussion with about a year prior, had made some confirmations for me about some of my past life memories. So what he said about the hand man wasn’t news to me. But it certainly opened up a whole other can of ghost worms.

To this day, I still don’t know who the hand man was. But perhaps as I continue down this path as a paranormal researcher, I can not only continue to hopefully help those in need, but maybe someday answer my own questions. But what I do know is that the hands were frigid and wrinkly. The fingers fat. I didn’t sleep that night. As the great parapsychologist Barry Taff says: ‘The future of humanity is in the secrets of the paranormal.’ And so, I continue my search for secrets. I just shared with you one of mine. Beware the hand man.”‘

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