We get a lot of stories from the intrepid army of ghost hunters out there who probe the other side. These encounters usually happen as a result of of their presence of a paranormal investigation team and their equipment. We’re posting these stories sent to us and told to us on the show here under this chapter.

We had those Grave Girls join us for their log at Old Charleston Jail & Crazy Willy for Episodes 7 Grave Girls, 8 Old Charleston Jail & 9 Crazy Willy.


Grave Girls Website

We are an all-female ghost hunting group based out of the Southeastern United States. Our team takes an evidence based approach to the paranormal and tries to debunk before we come to paranormal conclusions.  We currently consider hunts in the following states, although we hope to explore places across the nation–and world–in time Georgia Indiana Kentucky  North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Virginia West Virginia.




Zach Smith & Perry Johnson of Afterlife Sessions co-host EP16 and tell us many of their experiences as the leaders of their group.


Afterlife Sessions is a paranormal web-series featuring Zach Smith and Perry Johnson. Afterlife Sessions travels around the country investigating the paranormal and educating their audience about the history of each location and the spiritual realm. With emotional episodes and stirring evidence, Afterlife Sessions aspires to turn skeptics into believers.

Afterlife Sessions Website & Episodes


Boehm's Cemetery Group Photo

Local Philadelphia Paranormal Investigation group w/ John C. Fowler. Midnight Watchmen.

John C. Fowler – Midnight Watchmen – Founder; Paranormal Dictionary – Founder;

If you’re a serious paranormal investigation group and you have some evidence or story you’d like to share, to contact us! We’d love to hear from you, feature your material and get you on the podcast.

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