The podcast features interviews with talented and experienced individuals from around the world. We’ve been honored to question and draw out the knowledge and wisdom of paranormal investigators, authors, film makers, publishers, psychics and many other explorers in the dark world.




So far, we’ve done audio interviews with such dark authors as Armand Rosamilia, John Foster, J. Daniel Stone, Shawn Marcomber, Daniel Braum, James Chambers (Chairman of the Membership Committee of the HWA), Doctor Noir Lou Boxer, zombie-lord David Dunwoody and a host of authors who provide their experience writing and publishing and the modern industry. Phil even had the chance to do a two part interview with the author who created the written ghoststory tradition, Charles J Adams III, author of such books as Ghosts of Cape May or Gettysburg.


Phil and Charlie
Phil Thomas interviewing one of his childhood idols, Charles Adams III

We also work with many paranormal investigators and authors, along with those who have experienced the supernatural. Our first interview, Rebecca Patrick-Howard has written several popular paranormal novels. Bill Wilkes keeps the temperature of the paranormal world. The Grave Girls did several episodes with us, exploring Old City Jail in Charleston, and most amazing of all was our time with Zach Smith and Perry Johnson from the web-series Afterlife Sessions, featured on episode 16. Fox has also interviewed notable ghost hunter as Dave Considine, often featured on A Ghost Story and Steve La Chance, author of The Uninvited, also featured as an episode of A Ghost Story. We feature both written interviews on the website.


Our first guest on EP1, Rebecca Patrick Howard, author of Four Months of Terror and many others.
Our first guest on EP1, Rebecca Patrick Howard, author of Four Months of Terror and many others.

Keep listening and watching for both audio and web interviews of talented individuals here to share their life experiences, teach and entertain, plus new ghost stories. We will feature the full version of the audio interviews here. (We have to edit based on time and content.)

We will organize each interview based on the subject such as Author, Paranormal or Film under this page. If you’re interested in being interviewed, and we always need more people with ghost stories, experiences or creators of the written word, film or art, please send an interview request to or fill out the form below.