Phil & Fox Haunt Pennhurst II

Horror Authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas come to haunted Pennhurst Asylum as their favorite spooky ghouls to tell scary stories, listen to true ghost stories, talking about the eerie events that have taken place at Pennhurst. They’ll be broadcasting live at 9PM for their live show as part of their Countdown to Halloween.


Bring your true ghost stories with you and tell them to the guys! Maybe you’ll end up on the show. 


What Are You Afraid Of? – Philadelphia’s horror and paranormal show – will visit Pennhurst Asylum on October 6 and 13 to collect ghost stories and broadcast two special live episodes from this famous haunted landmark.

The hosts of What Are You Afraid Of?, including Horror Writer Association (HWA) member & author T. Fox Dunham and filmmaker Phil Thomas, will be available throughout October for interviews on Pennhurst Asylum and other local haunted attractions and paranormal legends and rumors of the Philadelphia region. Their experience as para-journalists and experts all things paranormal in the Philadelphia region make them excellent sources for seasonal content this Halloween season.

Members of the press and public are welcome to join What Are You Afraid Of? at Pennhurst Asylum for these special live broadcasts. We also invite interview requests through the month of October.


What Are You Afraid Of? is Philadelphia’s home for horror, and Para-X Radio’s most popular program with nearly 100,000 unique downloads. It is a weekly show based in Philadelphia and played on all major podcast services, EMC Podcast Network and PARA-X Radio. Forthcoming guests of the show this Halloween season include paranormal explorer Katrina Weidman, known for her role on Paranormal State and Paranormal Lockdown now on Destination America, and Lloyd Kaufman, famed movie director, creator of the Toxic Avenger series, and founder of Troma Enterprises.

Host T. Fox Dunham is a professional horror writer and author the novel The Street Martyr, which is being adapted into a major motion picture by Throughline Films. Co-host Phil Thomas is a filmmaker and author whose screenplays have been produced into feature films including “False Face” and “Always from Darkness.” They are para-journalists and experts on the haunted in and around Philadelphia.


What Are You Afraid Of? will broadcast two special live episodes from Pennhurst Asylum, one of the region’s most popular haunted attractions. The hosts will discuss people’s paranormal experiences with the crowds at the asylum, gather true ghost stories, discuss the history of the haunted estate, and play a variety of horror fiction, ghost stories, and music.


Live at Pennhurst Asylum on Friday, October 6th and Friday, October 13th (Friday the 13th). The hosts will talk to the crowds in the early evening then broadcasting live from 9PM.


Pennhurst Asylum s considered a site of rich history and one the region’s top haunted attractions. Not only is it a rich site for paranormal activity, but during the autumn months, talented actors and writers create a horror experience famous in Pennsylvania. Pennhurst has recently renovated and improved its attractions. The experience includes CGI special effects, illusions, attention to detail. Address: 100 Commonwealth Dr, Spring City, PA 19475 · (855) 428-6800 Website:

For more information about visiting Pennhurst, please check out their website.

Event Date:
October 13, 2017
Event Time:
6:00PM - 11:00PM
Event Venue:
Pennhurst Asylum

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