We are thrilled to have Katrina Weidman (famous paranormal explorer on television) coming on Episode 63: The Haunting of Katrina Weidman as part of our Countdown to Halloween 2017.

Katrina joins us to talk about her many adventures into the paranormal and shares with us a number of ghost stories. We can’t wait to talk to her. We’re all Philadelphia natives, as Philly’s home for horror.



Katrina Weidman is an actress and producer, known for Paranormal Lockdown (2016), Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies (2012) and Real Fear 2: The Truth Behind More Movies (2013).



From Katrina’s Website:

“I’ve always had a passion for the supernatural and a desire to seek out the unknown! Growing up in haunted houses will kind of do that to you. As a child, I pored over any information I could find on the paranormal. I was fascinated that there were other houses like mine and wanted to know as much as I could. Ghosts, UFOs, cryptos, you name it, I was fascinated! Fast forward a few years to a trip to The Pennsylvania State University that changed everything! I dropped a friend off at the main campus one summer weekend, and the minute my feet hit the pavement, I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to be there. Not being the academic type, I decided I had better pay attention to this feeling. The day I got back to my hometown, I signed up for classes at the local community college. It was there that I overcame the harsh words from that teacher long ago.
Currently, you can catch me on “Paranormal Lockdown” with my friend and colleague, Nick Groff, airing on TLC. “Paranormal Lockdown” follows Nick and me as we investigate and live in some of the world’s most haunted locations for 72 hours!”


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October 20, 2017
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