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We’ve all experienced messages from beyond the silver veil, whether we want to admit it or not. Some people take no notice, ignoring these outreaches. Others embrace them, seeing them as evidence of an expanded universe. Whether these stories frighten or comfort, we are reassured. In my youth, I worked for various museums and gained a passion for the science of collecting folk culture. These personal experiences need to be recorded and added to this rich archive, presented for scholar and seeker. We’ve already established an archive of collected stories that have never been recorded before. The reading of collected personal ghost stories as part of our outreach program to record folklore through social media, email and community events. Horror material including interviews with horror authors, the reading of classic ghost stories and discussions of the industry. And we will be producing interviews with ghost hunting groups. We will be recording this podcast from notoriously haunted locations. The broadcast will be no longer than an hour except for the last episode which will be transmitted around Halloween.



Phil & I are on location in Bethlehem PA. After we take the historic ghost tour in Bethlehem, we record from the Into the Myst new age shop in town. We talk about Halloween, the pagan holiday of Samhain, play two new international ghost stories and the the Zombie Waltz song.



Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas host a special Thanksgiving episode: The Zombies First Thanksgiving. We bring you sketches based on the first Thanksgiving between humans and zombies, created by the What Are You Afraid of Improve team. We have two new true ghost stories—The Hand Game from author B.E. Scully and Fast Eddie from Bill G., recorded by our international team of voice actors. We feature a fascinating interview with Bill Wilkes, the force behind the Paranormal Society—a matchmaking web resource to connect those encountering the paranormal with support. Bill has already helped with over 5,000 cases. Also, we talk about writing and filmmaking in the Indie horror industry, sharing our experience dealing with publishers and distributors.



Wake up Daddy, our true ghost story was sent to the ghost story folklore archive from retired Texas teacher, Janine Gossett—Janine was my spiritual mother whom I loved as such, and I lost her on January 2nd, while my then fiancé, Allison, looked for a wedding dress. This is her voice speaking of another voice—a chain of echoes from the grave. David Walton, our folk-singing friend from Plymouth—performs the medieval melody, The Unquiet Grave by playing guitar, flute and singing. A female ghost is unable to rest because of the undying devotion of her love. Predators exist in the darkness, waiting to feast on the hot life of the living. We are not secure. We broadcast a frightening & cautionary tale—an interview with Ron Saul, previous ghost hunter, who tells his story of bringing back with him a demonic attachment from Pennhurst Asylum of Philadelphia. A dark force attached to Ron while he ghost-hunted at Pennhurst, and he took it home then fought demonic oppression for nearly a year. He speaks of how to prevent it in this terrifying story. All brave paranormal investigators–seekers of the truth–endanger themselves in each hunt. Finally, to start off our short fiction segment, host T. Fox Dunham reads his published zombie story, Sister Sarah.



On Episode 5, T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas feature author Guy Anthony De Marco. He shares with us three true ghost stories, narrated by David Walton, and then Fox interview’s Guy, elaborating on his stories, of the demonic creature known as The Un who haunted his family. Guy also shares with us wisdom about the writing industry. The Twelve Days of Zombie Christmas premiers on this episode after Fox talks about a ghost encounter he had while visiting City Hall in Philadelphia to start celebrating Yule. We talk about Yule and its significance to pagans and various versions of A Christmas Carol from Charles Dickens. We close the show with our first piece of dark fiction from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, Flowers Blooming in the Season of Atrophy from author Max Booth III, another kind of horror than supernatural, recorded by T. Fox Dunham.



To celebrate the Winter Solstice, hosts T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas join rising horror author John C. Foster in a holiday-themed episode of What Are You Afraid Of? We open the show with a true ghost story sent to us from the Philippines: Malevolent Spirits in the Banana Fields. Phil, Fox and John talk about the true pagan history of the holiday of Christmas, writing in the Indie industry, Charles Dickens and life & light after nearly dying of cancer. Two Christmas short fictions are presented by Phil & John especially written for the show and narrated. British folk-singer David Walton returns with a mournful version of Greensleeves, and Santa tries to deliver toys to a world taken over by zombies. Join us for a dark holiday.



On episode 7, British performer David Walton narrates a new true ghost story from Thailand, Girl on the Train. Phil & Fox discuss death and odd forms of burial from around the world—cannibalism, being fed to birds and Buddhist live-mummification. They also read some witty epitaphs found over the centuries and from our listeners. This leads Fox to their next interview with the all-female paranormal investigations team, Grave Wanderers: their work, theory and methods. They discuss previous cases and listen to their EVPs. Sandra and Stephanie have two very different personalities but are united in common cause. When the interview is done, they talk a little more about death. Fox reads a passage from his new book, Destroying the Tangible Illusion of Reality or Searching for Andy Kaufman—a paragraph called Death the Inevitable. The message: Live to change the world or become an inert ghost who can merely watch but not interfere. They finish the show with a true ghost poem written and recorded by Lamplight Magazine editor, Jacob Haddon: Night Swimming. He also explains the true story it’s based on. Then David Walton performs with his beautiful British voice the folk-song, The Lovers Ghost.



Sandra & Stephanie , the core members of the all-girl ghost hunting group Grave Wanderers, return in this episode with their audio logs from their #paranormal investigation at famed ghost site Old Charleston Jail. We feature part one & two of the four log set and two ghost stories told to us by a sassy southern guide who works at the jail: Mary Crane of Pain & The Body Sinks. Part 2 & 3 and their #EVPs will be featured in episode 9. They chronicle their investigation of this rich historic site, describe the eerie setting and tell us about their encounters with the dead prisoners who still dwell there. Old Charleston Jail, which was operational from 1802 until 1939, housed Charleston’s most infamous criminals and, during the Civil War, Federal prisoners of war. The Old Jail housed a great variety of inmates. John and Lavinia Fisher, and other members of their gang, convicted of robbery and murder in the Charleston Neck region were imprisoned here in 1819 to 1820. Some of the last 19th-century high-sea pirates were jailed here in 1822 while they awaited hanging. This is the site of many paranormal investigations and has been featured on Ghost Adventures. Phil & Fox are bringing you some ghostlove! Phil narrates Canadian author and hitchhiker, S.L. Dixon’s story, There’s Nobody There, our monthly #horror flash fiction piece from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. A little girl tries to convince herself that she is alone in this dark and moody piece. Is she? Hosts and authors Phil Thomas & T. Fox  Dunham discuss horror writing in indie publishing, the modern film industry and Satansville, a local paranormal site famed in urban legend. Fox interviews James Chambers, New York horror author and chairman of the membership committee of the Horror Writers Association #HWA. James offers his wisdom to authors trying to make a career in #horror.



We return with a new format. We are trying shorter episodes with a faster publication frequency to make the podcast easier to listen to. Let us know what you think. On this episode, we complete our feature done by the Grave Wanderers all-female #paranormal investigation group at the Old City Jail in Charleston, South Carolina. We play log three & four then premier a few EVPs they recorded during their night. To add another perspective to their investigation, Phil Summers talks to us about his own investigation at the jail. Phil is an unorthodox ghost-hunter, and his story was featured on A&E’s My Ghost Story. He tells us about a deceased witch who cursed his life. Check it out on A&E’s My Ghost Story Season 2 Episode 8 The Presence. Closing the show, Doctor Noir, Lou Boxer tells us about a major Philadelphia noir event, Noir at the Bar, the Final Reading at the soon-to-be-demolished Society Hill Playhouse. T. Fox Dunham with several great authors will be reading there at March 19th starting at 6:45.



Phil Thomas & T. Fox Dunham open the show with a short true #ghost story sent in by filmmaker, writer and professional performing freak, Kino McFarland, called Wrong Number. Kino and her husband captured a haunting EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) that we play with this story. Phil & Fox discuss Indie writing and filmmaking, writing for streaming services and working with production companies. Fox shares his experience partnering with Throughline Films to have his first novel, The Street Martyr, turned into a major motion picture. We offer advice to new authors fighting to reach this penultimate professional goal. We also discuss Ouija boards. They’re fun if you don’t mind risking demonic oppression. Our second piece is from bizarro & horror author MP Johnson—a piece of dark fiction given to us from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. MP Johnson shows us real monsters without empathy in his story, The Man with an Ax in the Backseat of Your Car Has Feelings Too, narrated by our British folk-singer, David Walton, with his usual dark and compelling tones. Check out their website guidelines to have a piece of flash fiction featured on the podcast. You don’t know he’s there, curled up behind you, clutching an ax in his sweaty hands as you drive off to the gym for your last workout eveAuthor Daniel Braum joins us for a brief interview as part of The Dark Five. On April 8th at the KGB Bar (85 E 4th Street, New York, NY) we shall be gathering to read from our stories published by Grey Matter Press in support of John C. Foster’s novel release, Mister White. T. Fox Dunham closes this show featuring dark Indie writing with a passage from his new horror novel, MERCY. His horrific book is a metaphor about the violation of his body and spirit during his invasive treatment for a rare type of lymphoma. The e-book edition is available for pre-order from Blood Bound Books and will be released in time for National Doctors Day on March 30th. The Good Doctor Sullivan will see you now.



To celebrate Ireland Day in America (St. Patrick’s Day) we bring you a show of Gaelic-flavored stories for Episode 11: Banshee of What Are You Afraid Of? #Horror & #Paranormal #Podcast. We open the show with a true ghost story set in Dublin from my honeymoon with Allison in May 2015. Honeymoon Intruder features a spirit who intrudes on our privacy one night in our room. Allison and I both read parts of the story. Phil & I then do an audio essay on Banshees—the mythic wailing spirit who is the harbinger of death in the Emerald Isles. We feature various accounts of the centuries and the history of the keening lady. Fox interviews author and reporter fantastic Shawn Macomber. Shawn is one of the Dark Five who will be reading at the KGB Club in NYC on April 8th, the event sponsored by Grey Matter Press and host T. Fox Dunham with the podcast.



Philly & Foxy return for our Spring-Summer season, bringing you dark stories, #paranormal adventures and information for the working author. We have a lot on Episode 12, preparing for some big stuff. Two true ghost stories recorded for you, sent to us from listeners. The first, Civil War Camp was sent to us from West Virginia, recorded by British folksinger, David Walton. We end the show with a sad tale of lost souls to this world from TM McLean from his time working at a British army base in Germany, The Hatch Girl of Hohne. The end will get you. Places remember… We have two interviews tonight. The first is with one of the Dark Five, author J. Daniel Stone. We read with Ol’Stoney at the KGB Bar & Club in NYC in early April, hosted by the podcast. That recording will be presented as a special event in May.


Well, we’ve had the self-discipline to get you 13 episodes, and we’re going strong. This is a momentous episode for old lucky 13. NEW THEME SONG!!! We have a unique theme song composed just for us from author & musician Michael Garrett. We feature a true ghost story from Tori L. Ridgewood, Tori’s House from Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Read by British folksinger, David Walton in his usual charming manner.Phil & Fox discuss more true ghost phenomenon, have their usual banter, and then we lead into our interview with folklorist and author Charles Adams III. Charlie has been collecting and writing true ghost stories from the east coast for decades. We’ve all seen his books in museum gift shops and libraries. We feature part one of this interview on the show. John Foster, co-host for episode 5 returns with an interview about his new novel from Grey Matter Press. We close the show with a special musical treat from British techno composer Dead Zone, a mix of beat and borg, inspired by those bionic zombies. Assimilate!


Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas bring you episode 14 of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Podcast. On this installment, they begin with a true ghost story sent by recent musical contributor, DJ Dead Zone or Jason from Manchester, England. The Grey Man is a story about a terrifying paranormal experience that happened to Jason when he was a lad told for the first time to the podcast. And Jason is sure the Grey Man will return for him one day. The true ghost story is beautifully recorded by our British folksinger, David Walton. Phil & Fox share a few more true ghost experiences from Gettysburg, Cape May and even tell the story of Phil’s extra-dimensional car. Fox shares his knowledge on clearing negative energy using herbs and magick. We complete our interview with famed ghost story collector Charles Adams III, known for such anthologies as Ghosts of Cape May, Ghosts of Gettysburg and many more volumes from 30 years of tales he collected. We close the show with a song from one of our new musical partners, Mystary & Mystary Records, creators of ambient horror music.


On our July podcast, Phil & Fox bring you a new true ghost story from New Hope, PA, an excerpt from Bob Pastorella’s new bizarre-southern noir novel MOJO RISING, an interview with medium Jamal Brown and . . . the zombies are back! Also, what do you want on your gravestone? We are FUN-COMPOSING! Not DECOMPOSING! Their new and original true ghost story for this episode is from local author & Bram Stoker’s winner, PD Cacek. This is the first of several from the talented horror author, written about a beloved and bucolic town in Pennsylvania, New Hope—an artist’s town on the Delaware River. She was also featured on the #ghost & #paranormal documentary America’s Most Haunted Town from Luminence Films. Phil Thomas and T. Fox Dunham engage in their usual banter. They did a Facebook poll, asking fans what they’d want on their gravestones. They got some surprising results which they feature on the show. They also talk about writing, the summer and the new RINGTONE based on the show’s theme song. And finally, those wacky #zombies return for the SUMMER OF ZOMBIES! Come hear those undeaders at play in July in this humorous sketch.


Zach Smith & Perry Johnson join us as co-hosts on episode 16. Zach & Perry are the famed paranormal investigators from the popular web series, Afterlife Sessions. Z&P have been encountering ghosts all of their lives, and for four years, they’ve been out documenting their ghost hunts with professional production quality. They know how to tell a story. The duo hang out with us for this episode, telling us their many ghost experiences and how they produce such a quality show—and some of their encounters are chilling. Zach contributed our true ghost story, “Tommy”. It’s a story about his first paranormal experience with a childhood friend. Jon Prive narrates the story. Jessica McHugh reads a chapter from her new horror-erotica novel from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing: The Train Derails in Boston. Warning . . . this is not for children! David Walton returns with his version of an eerie #folksong, The Grim King. Once again, he haunts us with his mournful melody.


T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas dedicate this #podcast episode to the trilogy of horror anthologies that haunted & fascinated them as children: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark from author Alvin Schwartz. They’ve created a show with interviews, stories and songs about this macabre collection of folklore. Tonight’s show features a new true ghost story collected from England, a story of the negative effects of a Séance: George. In honor of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, T. Fox Dunham researched two pieces of American horror folklore and re-wrote them into new stories: Don’t Sell my House and The Bloodstain. Fox interviews Cody Meirick who is filming a documentary on the anthology, and David Walton finishes the show with an old folksong featured in the book: “Don’t You Ever Laugh as the Hearse Goes By” or “The Worm Song.” The wars of the 20th century made this song popular.


Phil Thomas and T. Fox Dunham record on location from The Cats Meow Mystical Shop in #Lansdale, Pennsylvania (Montgomery County) in the Philadelphia region. They not only bring their usual assortment of #paranormal & horror content (like a box of chocolates made from shadows and gooey macabre) but they also talk to several surprise guests who visit on Bike Night in Lansdale. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ALL THESE CLOWNS? Is this how the world ends? Fox interviewed the Lady-Medium, Jean Westbrook MA, CH, CMI. Jean is a local medium who spent the last 30 years exploring her abilities, growing them and helping others on their search. She doesn’t see the future because she believes in free will. The true ghost story comes from western musician Suzen JueL about a house that won’t forget, The Window. And Randi Biba Stinson, owner of Cats Meow, and her sister, Jini, share one of her true ghost stories, Louise. He was the old shop owner, and they had to come to terms over a misunderstanding that crossed worlds. The show ends with a song from a band in British Columbia: The Swamp Music Players. Fox plays The Devil’s Tooth to showcase their unique and mournful sound. It’s from their album Timeless Cool.


Happy Equinox! It’s our season. Halloween is only a few weeks away, and Fox & Phil have lots of spooky and horror to fill the time. Horror personality, one of the Crypticon Ghoul Girls and host on iHorror, Friday nights, Kino McFarland (Demented), co-hosts this episode to talk about her work in film and her life as a model, escape artist and circus performer. The true ghost story this episode is from a New England resident, Renee Johnson—a classic ghost tale of the true sight of children and saying goodbye to family, read by voice actor Jamey McCartney. Grampie. Randi Stinson from Cats Meow Mystical Shop returns to tell the story of an encounter with a man and the demon who owns his soul. Her sister Jini joins in the telling. It’s a story of when demonic oppression infected her life with Horse Flies. Never sell your soul to hell. Fox plays another song from the Swamp Music Players—a dark tale of Atlanta called The Street Sweeper. Can you decipher his truth? He’s the street sweeper, baby, and he’s going to sweep these streets clean. T. Fox Dunham in their usual banter tells his true story about how while kayaking in Cape May, NJ last weekend, his boat sank, and he was nearly entombed in the mud. They also feature another edition of Clown News to report the latest rash of psychological attacks and clownsightings from #clowns along the American east coast. The clowns are coming. They end the show with a diabolical tale brought to them from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. One Death at a Time tells the story of a frustrated Satan dealing with an infuriating new soul in Hell. Written by Soren James.


Debi Chestnut was born Psychic and struggled with these gifts in a world that didn’t understand her. As a kid, her first best friend was a ghost-boy named Nathanial, and she lived in a supernatural world. She investigated many cases with the Black Water Paranormal group and has now formed a new group, Shadow Stalkers. She’s written multiple books on the paranormal including Something Wicked, Stalking Shadows and Is Your House Haunted. She is what Fox calls a Psychic healer. Fox & Phil have started their seasonal spooky early, and they ventured to one of the infamous haunted sites of Philadelphia: Pennhurst Asylum. We tell another true ghost story to us titled Long Distance about a woman who won’t give up on her boyfriend after he gets married, even after she dies. Fox shares another round of Clown News. Monk Turner has contributed a song to launch us towards Halloween. Halloween Night from his album Calendar.


On this episode, the boys are joined by Montana Jordan, occult specialist and author. Montana comes on the show to not only talk about her work in the paranormal but also to explain the pagan holiday of Samhain—the foundation holiday of Halloween. T. Fox Dunham shares his story of Samhain. It is a special time for him, a second birthday. When he was 18, his battle with a rare form of lymphoma nearly ended with his death, but through a miracle after several months of intense chemotherapy and radiation, he survived and found new life on Samhain. Katie shares two true ghost stories: Ghost Hands and Scaredy. Ghost hands is the true account of disembodied hands who got fresh with our Katie while she was on a ghost hunt! British folksinger David Walton returns to narrate with his life partner, Marie, a dark short fiction by T. Fox Dunham, The Final Ingredient—a tale of a witch in need of a last element for a dark recipe. They finish the show with a song from a band out of Portland, Oregon, Velaraas: Gilded Age.


Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas present to you a special podcast anthology of collected ghost stories from one of the most haunted battlefields in the world, Pennsylvania’s own Gettysburg. Once the site of a great battle between the Confederate and Union armies and the turning point in the American Civil War, the land has suffered tragedy and death. Such suffering echoes through time, and these echoes can be felt today through the many supernatural sightings reported by locals and visitors. Through investigation, door-to-door at times, T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas have uncovered new and old stories about soldiers lost to life but not to time. The dead demand to be remembered. “It was a warp in time. A veil is parted.” Mark Nesbitt, Gettysburg Ghost historian. On this episode, they feature an anthology of ghost stories, so many that they let the stories speak for themselves. Mark Nesbitt, Mister Ghosts of Gettysburg, joins Phil & Fox for an interview and shares a few ghost stories that he’s collected, along with a few EVPs (recorded voices of the dead). Mark talks of his two experiences he collected: the story of a Phantom Civil War Hospital and the bleeding room at The Lady Farm. Fox also tells a story on location at Devil’s Den. New fiction and stories from the locals!


Recorded on location at the Fort Mifflin Paranormal Investigators Evening. Phil & Fox traveled out to historic site Fort Mifflin this week to attend and report on one of site’s public ghost hunting evenings. 70 supernatural seekers attended the Revolutionary War site after dark. Fort Mifflin is one of the most haunted sites in the country, visited by many groups of famous ghost hunters. Our hosts head out, interview ghost hunters as they recorded paranormal data and gathered ghost stories about the fort. While at the fort, they recorded the experiences of several #ghost hunters, related the history of. Phil Thomas debuted his English folklore story called Smilin’ Jack, about a pumpkin, a scarecrow and a town’s curse. Wily Bo of Swamp Music Players fame returned with The Rattlin Bone Theatre Show’ Song: Speaking of Happiness.


Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas dedicate this episode to the many international holidays that celebrate death. Phil & Fox share this episode with special guests Mark Wenger & Dan Doran: directors, scriptwriters and producers of the popular Indie horror film, Terrortory. The film was produced by Kangas Khan Films and makeup was done by Original Sin FX. The movie is an anthology of urban legends—a lot of slashers and monsters including a pumpkin-head guy, a sad silent clown and a killer drone—set in the woods of Maryland. Mark & Dan talk about their inspiration, filming style, setbacks making the film and give advice for new filmmakers. They offer listeners a special discount on purchases from Kangas Khan Films, but you have to listen to find out how to get it! More clown news! And occult scholar Montana Jordan returns to talk about the Latin holiday, Day of the Dead or El Día de los Muertos. Listen to the podcast to learn about this rich tradition celebrated in Mexico, Central & South America. Don’t forget your candy skulls! Katie also shares a true ghost story she learned from a guide at the notorious underground tunnels of Portland: The Sad Baby. And more ghost stories sent in by our audience.


T. Fox Dunham, Phil Thomas & PD Cacek bring you this Halloween special, recorded onsite at Uncanny Comics in the King of Prussia Mall, Philadelphia during their Malloween event. They handed out true ghost stories & candy then recorded the episode. They discussed all things Halloween and paranormal, shared a few baking tips and even interviewed a traveling magician, Doug Stafford. Montana Jordan, the show’s occult scholar, returned to talk about some of the darker traditions of Halloween, and PD Cacek shared two ghost stories from New Hope PA, narrated by the British folksinger, David Walton. “I’m a ghost magnet.” Horror Author PD Cacek. Noir author Paul D. Brazil of Europe gave the show a dark tale of murder and captivity below an English pub, narrated by T. Fox Dunham. And Monk Turner closed the show with a song called ‘It’s a Wicked Life’ (The Hades Song.)


A Zombie’s First Thanksgiving—a comedy sketch recorded by the Bloomsburg players about an eccentric couple trying to keep the holiday alive even though most of the world has been overrun by zombies. Doctor Berret Ravenhearst from his Curious Emporium Store in Jim Thorpe PA kicks off new segment, Ghost Stories of Jim Thorpe—a series of true collected tales from northern Pennsylvania. The first ghost story, read by British folksinger David Walton, tells the tale of a ghost cat seen by the owners and patrons alike. This is also the first episode playing part one of Let The Dark Ones Rise—an evening of horror authors recorded onsite from the KGB Bar and Club in the East Village, NYC, hosted by T. Fox Dunham. Shawn Macomber reads his short story from Savage Beasts, an anthology of stories inspired by horror music from Grey Matter Press. Nemeur shares a song from their Shadows of a Druid Album, Caves of Damnation—a soundtrack to your nightmares.


Horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas talk about some cultural philosophy about the coming winter holidays—Halfway Out of the Dark. They open the show with another true ghost story told to them by Doctor Berrett Ravenhearst from Jim Thorpe, PA. Crossed Connections, narrated by British folksinger David Walton is another story of the dead reaching out through the phone in a series of supernatural connections or coincidences. You decide. Phil Thomas talks film making and crafting as he overcomes common problems facing indie filmmakers. Scottish & Canadian blues artists Wily Bo Walker returns with a new song from a collaboration with The Rattlin’ Bone Theatre Show—another dark R&B dirge called ‘Shoot Me Down.’ They close the show with another reading from the KGB Club in Greenwich Village, The Dark One’s Rise—a special recorded on location hosted by T. Fox Dunham to soon be featured through the podcast. Fox reads his potent tale of a Nazi commander hunting the last elf to cure the world of false hope, a story based on Fox’s survivor’s guilt after surviving a rare lymphoma: The Last Elf.


MERRY ZOMBIE HOLIDAY! The undead & flesh-hungry ghouls didn’t satiate their appetites in Zombie Turkey, and they’re back for more brain-feasting in the first episode of the 2016 Yule Season. Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas dedicate another episode to zombies, inviting famed zombie-author of Empire, David Dunwoody, to an interview and share an original horror fiction, Pixel. It’s another sick and twisted, festive show that ends when the undead mob devours our fat bodies, stuffed with goose and slowed from drinking too much eggnog. The show opens with a true ghost story, The Harford Road Horror. This is a classic story of the start of an inhuman haunting. I felt a presence outside the bathroom door and never felt fear like this. More clown news. T. Fox Dunham shares some positive CLOWN NEWS about courageous protestors who use humor and makeup to take on the KKK during a protest in the south. Bravo guys! Horror author and zombie-writer David Dunwoody comes to the show to answer questions about his writing career and talk about his new series of books The Strange Dead from Severed Press.


The two siblings of the winter holidays meet in combat. KRAMPUS VS SANTA! On episode 29, occult scholar and paranormal investigator of the west, Montana Jordan returns to co-host and share her expertise in both the holiday of Yule, holiday traditions and that once-forgotten Christmas bad boy, the Krampus. After talking about holiday plans and feasting, the hosts open the show with Katie’s true ghost story, The Man in Flannel—a story about one of her early supernatural experiences on a Montana ranch. They discuss the myriad traditions of the winter months. Katie shares her knowledge about the pagan holiday of Yule, talking about the origin of many of the modern traditions of Christmas—and of course the practice of wassailing, a singing tradition best done with a little beer. The hosts were honored and terrified to be visited by the ancient Germanic demon of Yule, The Krampus! Again popular in modern media, this demonic evil twin of the traditional character of Santa is interviewed by Katie, discussing his pagan origins, traditions such as punishing the bad children and his resurgence in culture. Of course, Santa shows up, unable to yield the spotlight, and the two get into a serious melee, all caught on the show. Rusty Cage performs his new holiday classic devoted to the fiend, Krampus is Coming to Town. They end the show with a new flash fiction piece from Phil Thomas, a dark holiday story called The Elf on the Fireplace Mantle while Santa and Krampus battle it out.


Author John Foster joins T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas for the last episode of 2016, celebrating the works of Charles Dickens. They discuss the most famous ghost story in the English language, A Christmas Carol, its history and relevance to the poverty of Victorian society. The three ghosts read respective passages from the book, each playing one of the ghosts. Then they discuss their holiday traditions, the busy life of an Indie author and John’s new book coming out from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, Baby Powder and other Deadly Substances, out in late January. The Weird Globe tells the story of a strange and perhaps supernatural encounter on an icy winter morning. What was it? A ghost, trick of the light, perhaps a winter fey? John Foster shares a new flash fiction piece for the season, The Worm of Poe, a story about how Christmas traditions can get insanely out of hand, read by professional voice actress, Linda Jones. Indie performer Derek Clegg ends the show with another unique and eccentric Christmas carol called I’m Not Drinking for Christmas.


T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas compile their best content for 2016 on this review episode. They feature their top selections in ghost stories, segments of interviews, music and horror fiction. Four paranormal investigators are featured in this episode. Mark Nesbitt, Mister Ghosts of Gettysburg tells the story of a haunted hospital scene from the time of the American Civil War. Debi Chestnut retells the story of her first childhood encounter with a ghost named Nathanial and her quest for sanity in an ignorant time. Zack Smith and Perry Johnson of the famous web series, Afterlife Sessions, talk about their early demonic experiences. We play Wily Bo and the Swamp Music Player’s song The Devil’s Toothpick. We’ve grown fond of Wily Bo and hope to get him on the show soon. David Walton sings the WWI folksong, The Hearse Song or The Worms Go in, made famous again by the horror story series, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The Grave Girls come back with a story collected from Old Charleston Jail, Crazy Willie, and Randi from the Cat’s Meow Mystical Store in Lansdale, PA tells of her encounter with a possessed man whose demonic keeper unleashed a plague of horseflies upon her shop. We also play horror author David Dunwoody’s insane story, Pixel.


Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas start off 2017 celebrating women’s contribution to horror, in support of Women in Horror Month which starts February. This begins a series celebrating under-represented women contributors in writing and film through their stories and interviews. Their first guest is Fox’s old friend, Lori Michelle, author of Dual Harvest, editor of Dark Moon Digest with Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and a Bram Stokers award nominee. Lori talks about her inspiration, taking care of her son, young cancer patient recently in remission, and the world of publishing from a female author’s point of view. She shares her story ‘The Talk,’ published previously in Dark Moon Digest. PD Cacek, another important female voice in horror, contributed her true ghost story, Footlighters Theater. Fox & Phil discuss several uncelebrated female voices in horror and focus on Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein.


T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas continue their tribute to Women in Horror Month in February by featuring paranormal author & demonic victim, Kristel Smart, author of the terrifying account of her family’s demonic oppression in Hinesberg House, Virginia. Her story was also featured as an episode of Syfy’s Paranormal Witness, episode 411 When Hell Freezes Over.
Her story begins, as most do, when she, her daughter, her sister and childhood friend all move in together in a beautiful rustic house–their dream house, promising a bright new future. Strange events occur right away: phantom growling, weird telephone calls with no answer, children laughing in the night and dark shadows lurking—shadows with will and purpose. David Walton, reads excerpts from some of Kristel’s nocturnal visits from In Stone, which is available on Amazon. David also sings a classic British Folksong, the Cruel Mother, about who woman who is haunted by the children she murdered in order to seek a new husband.


Who is the man in the hat? He appears before your bed as a harbinger of darkness and bad times. He comes leading a pack of ghosts that infest your home or brings terrible tragedy to your life. Phil Thomas discusses this specter of urban legend. Fox keeps everyone updated on the epidemic of demonic possessions of high schools in Jamaica. Horror author PD Cacek shares another of her haunted theater stories, talking about the crying woman and the gentlemen ghosts of the Morrison Theater, a building that used to be a house of ill repute. Dark jazz man Wily Bo Walker returns with the Rattlin Bone Theater with his macabre song, Little Gina. And they finish their Dark Ones authors’ series with a reading of John Foster’s dark work of spies in Eastern Europe, Mister White read by Daniel Braum at the KGB Bar and Lit Club in NYC.


Strange days we’re living in. Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas make them stranger with Episode 35. They finish their trilogy of true ghost stories from the theater with the tale Forge Theater sent to us by horror author PD Cacek, read by British folksinger, David Walton. These actors don’t know when to quit! Fox interviews Shannon Giglio of Georgia, author of the noble novel, Short Bus Heroes, as part of their celebration for Women in Horror Month. They talk about the challenges women horror authors have to face and she gives advice to new authors struggling to get their start. Fox shares a reading from her current work in progress, Strange as Angels. The hosts feature two songs from folk performer Zapa: the very dark melodies, Ghost and Strange Strangers. Strange strangers, strange angels and strange authors.


Lynne Hansen, filmmaker, is on the show to share her wisdom and experience as a horror cinematic genius. She shares the mic with us as we talk about her famed film projects such as the award winning short, CHOMP. “I am absolutely in love with telling a story in a single image.” Lynne Hansen on filmmaking. Lynne shares two stories with us: a paranormal encounter on the Queen Mary and a dark story called Alone. We also have a song from Neurotic Wreck, a haunting melody called One Skin Too Few. CLOWN NEWS is back with new sightings. And a new true ghost story, Alone 1872.


Bram Stoker award-winning author Lisa Mannetti joins hosts Phil Thomas & T. Fox Dunham to talk about her writing as we continue to celebrate Women in Horror Month. Her novella, The Box Jumper—a historical fiction about the great Harry Houdini—was awarded best novella of the year by This is Horror. She shares a couple true ghost experiences from her visit to the Lizzie Borden House, and we play a reading from The Box Jumper that was recorded. We also feature part one of an interview with Hannah Neurotica, founder of Women in Horror Month, discussing the motivations behind her movement.


We might all be insane and haunted. Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas embrace it They bring you another true story about the Lizzie Borden house, written by Bram Stoker award-winning writer, Lisa Mannetti. Founder of Women in Horror Month and filmmaker Hannah Neurotica returns for her profile interview to talk about her love of horror and her battle with mental illness to create her art. German poet Marieluise Niehus reads two of her dark verses in haunting tone, and British folksinger David Walton narrates a macabre tale from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing by George Cotronis, Dead Things.


Celebrating the rich tradition of Irish ghost stories, horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas tell selected tales from Ireland’s folklore. Stories of the coach of death, banshees, lost ladies in white and old soldiers still seeking revenge, plus many more. Ireland is a dangerous place for the living! Episode 39 is a treasury of great Irish folktales to chill you, revising some of the content from Episode 11: Banshees but with 40 minutes of new content. T. Fox Dunham reads a segment from his chilling horror novel, Mercy—a dark metaphor about the author’s long battle with an aggressive form of blood cancer that few others have survived—and Fox interviews author and musical reporter Shawn Macomber about his work with Fangoria, Rue Morgue and Gray Matter Press. British David Walton Folksinger enchants by singing the haunting Irish melody, Molly or Alive Alive-o, and the show finishes with one last Irish ghost story.


To celebrate Ostara, the hosts talk about the killer bunny! This evil Easter bunny steals your candy and eats your spleen. After the author’s usual banter, British folksinger David Walton narrates and sings a story from his home country in England—Devon in the south—about a vengeful ghost much like the banshee who takes out her broken heart on young couples. Clown News returns with reports of a verified terrorist clown sighting in Pittsburgh and news of the good clowns who gather at a London church to pray and celebrate their gift of making children happy. Fox & Phil also discuss dark internet legends including the Marianas Trench deep-web and an elusive group of elites called The Cicada 3031 whose intentions are unknown—perhaps world domination if you can figure out their riddles. John C. Foster, author of Grey Matter Press’ Mister White, returns with part one of his dark short story about psychiatrists and marionettes, Talk to Leo part one, narrated by voice actress, Linda Jones. Then we enjoy a hard rock number from a Boston band called Pipe Organ with their song A Dark Blue Arc. Phil & Fox close the show with an encounter with the EVIL BUNNY—the animal which leaves a terrible mess on the carpet.


Demonic Dolls for sale on ebay, ghost meter verified! Fans are obsessed with haunted objects—the natural combination of material culture and ghost stories. Horror author T. Fox Dunham & filmmaker Phil Thomas return to discuss this new bit of folk culture. Our third host, occult scholar & paranormal investigator Montana Jordan returns for an interview to talk about the ethics of paranormal groups who inform families of demonic or inhuman hauntings. David Walton, our British folksinger, tells another story of Devon, England—a dark tale of a malevolent spirit haunting the land in The Demon of Spreyton. To finish off this talented cadre, musician and political activities Michael Garrett, composer of the show theme music, comes on the show to talk about the new protest-music of his Indie band, Modern Architecture. We play his song, Protest Arson. Are your dolls haunted? You can get a good price online!


Humans are obsessed with the end of the world. Many times in history has some prophet predicted the apocalypse, and yet history continues. Horror authors Phil Thomas & T. Fox Dunham discuss the many ways the end might have come and why people find the idea exciting. We feature a ghost story from Scotland read by British folksinger, David Walton, called Did You Hear the Ghosts and also play for you a selection of EVPS—the captured voice of ghosts—from Gaylen Chauncey, founder of Afterlife Goes On Paranormal Group in Virginia. Horror author John Foster, author of Mister White from Grey Matter Press, returns with the second part of his dark serial, Talk to Leo. T. Fox Dunham joins the readers this week with his apocalyptic tale about the AIDS epidemic in Africa—a true world ending event for the people there. Loftän, a duo playing a fusion of German & American sound, close the show with their song, Undercover Girl.


The dead are always watching you, even if you cannot see them. Horror author T. Fox Dunham and filmmaker Phil Thomas return once again to invite you to look into their dark world. They open with a ghost story from show fan, Jess G. of California, I’m Watching You read by British folksinger, David Walton. Then they return to the phenomenal short story, Talk To Leo by John Foster. The hosts play an encore of the entire story and finally reveal its horrific ending. They spend some time discussing haunted places in the world and Phil’s new short horror film, Doppelganger, available through the website. David Walton returns with an old British folksong, Poverty Knocks. Have that feeling you’re being watched? You are.


There are monsters in your closet. You deny it to feel safe, but you are only blinding yourself to the truth. And there are monster hunters. Gaylen Chauncey of the AfterlifeGoesOn Paranormal Group located in Virginia, USA tracks these terrible abominations and protects children. Gaylen has been seeing ghosts since she was a child, even hunted by a monster. “All ghosts, no matter how sweet, are parasites.” We spend the next two episodes talking with Gaylen, sharing her ghost stories and experiences. Also, we feature a ghost story collected by Fox while staying at a bed & breakfast in Clinton NJ—one of the most haunted places in America. British folksinger David Walton treats us to a new version of a classic English folksong, The Unquiet Dead, and blues hound Wily Bo Walker & The Rattlin Bone Theatre Show sings the burlesque song, Ain’t Hungry No More. Yes, there is something hiding in the closet.


Monster hunter Gaylen Chauncey returns for part 2. Gaylen shares a personal part of her childhood as she describes an encounter with a veiled creature whom she refers to as the Boogeyman. It nearly took her sister and almost killed her. Medical science can’t explain the damage done to her, and she has spent her life obsessed with this creature, hunting it, making sure it can never hurt a child again. Gaylen also shares some EVPS she’s gathered during her many paranormal investigations. We bring you two of her collected ghost stories, recorded by our voice actors: The Reflection and The Whisper Men.


Let the Dark Ones Rise recorded at the KGB Bar in NYC. Though now only a rumored gathering, a dark coven of horror authors did gather in New York City to fuse their incantations of power in a macabre & diabolical evening in order to possess the souls of their unsuspecting audience. Let the Dark Ones Rise! What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show hosted this event at the KGB Bar, and now the dark lords bring you the entire event including special material. Horror author T. Fox Dunham hosts, reads and interviews the other dark authors: John C. Foster, Daniel Braum, J. Daniel Stone and Shawn Macomber. The authors read their work and share their personal stories in interviews. It is a true night of terror in this unique 2 hour special, part of our author’s series with a musical interlude from heavy metal band, Velaraas. Thank you to Grey Matter Press for supporting the event and sponsoring the show. On that night in NYC, we summoned demons, and now we unleash on PARA-X Radio and on all major podcast services.


Nothing breeds ghost stories like war, and stories of phantom soldiers have been told for as long as war has existed. Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas, present haunted folklore from the American Revolution, Civil War, World War I & World War II. Also, in support of Indie filmmakers, Phil Thomas interviews local Philly film artist, Veronica Giglio, founder of a new local cinema event in Philadelphia to present the work of the Philly film community. T. Fox Dunham narrates part one of his story, Die Musik des Teufels, from Grey Matter Press’ horror anthology dedicated to music, Savage Beasts. It is a dark story of horrific Nazi experiments and their connection to a desperate father looking to save his son’s life.


Recorded when it was broadcasted live over Para-X at Comic Zen in Lansdale PA for First Friday. Philadelphia horror hosts T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas are live every First Friday on PARA-X Radio with some new stuff and old from our favorite shows. Random guests wander in with their true ghost experiences. On this episode, civil war historian and reenactor Tom Capper joined us with several true paranormal tales from his time in Gettysburg. We also discuss the dark legends of the Slender Man, which was actually just a photo hoax that took on a life of its own, even causing attempted murder. We play an old favorite from Wily Bo Walker and the Swamp Music Players, and we play a new song from horror rockers, Nightmare Nancy and the Wizard, plus ghost stories and a reading from T. Fox Dunham’s new gory horror story in Blood Bound Books’ Dead On Arrival III anthology, The Broken Hearted.


We need some spooky stories this time of year. For all of you missing Halloween during this lovely warm season, we bring you a dose of horror to satiate your October desires. Fox brings you a new true ghost story about his experiences last wintery March in Clinton, New Jersey while he and his wife Allison lodged at The River Victorian Bed & Breakfast–a gorgeous town and one of America’s most haunted villages. Narrated by British folksinger, David Walton, this story tells of disembodied guests who had their own holiday at the nearly empty house. We’ve got more CLOWN NEWS, finally as the evil clowns start to thaw for the warm weather. Fox reads part two of his horror story, Die Musik des Teufels, from Grey Matter Press’ horror anthology dedicated to music, Savage Beasts. Phil recently attended a Philadelphia film festival called Cinemug, and we play another interview with one of the filmmakers there, Genevieve Leonard.


Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in America, and it is home to many disembodied denizens who refuse to vacate its colonial charm for the afterlife. To celebrate episode 50, Philly’s horror authors & hosts T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas tell old and new stories of the many ghosts who haunt Penn’s city along the Delaware. They narrate two stories researched from several sources: the story of an old woman who refuses to leave her home on Pine Street in Society Hill and the tragic tale of abuse and murder at the notorious Byberry Mental Hospital. In addition, they discuss several haunted locations. Did you know that the lovely Washington Square used to be a potter’s field and thousand of dead are buried beneath its fountains and trees? T. Fox Dunham reads part III of Die Musik des Teufels —a tale of mad Nazi magic and a desperate father who would do anything to save his son. We also play a song with a reggae beat from the tormented mind of DR. Tropical, renowned magician and musician: Wizard Blues.


Hosts and horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas were live again for First Friday in Lansdale PA at Comic Zen. Fox recently returned from a trip into the Hudson Valley where he visited several historic sites including the Catskills and West Point. While traveling, he collected several ghost stories, and the hosts play two for you tonight: the story of a haunted room at West Point and the sad tale of a murderer in colonial America who is punished by ghosts. Gaylen Chauncey, monster hunter, returns with EVPS and logs recorded at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and it was British folksinger David Walton’s birthday! We play a folksong he recorded called The Cruel Carpenter. Fox talks about his evening seeing Twelfth Night at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival and his visit to Sleepy Hollow. It’s a live and wild show.


We’re Philadelphia’s home of horror, and on this hometown episode, ghost historian & author of Haunted Philadelphia, Darcy Oordt, co-hosts with horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas to talk about paranormal Philly. Darcy joins us for the next three episodes, part of a paranormal Philadelphia trilogy. British folksinger David Walton narrates a tale from Haunted Philadelphia about the ghosts at The Hill-Physick Keith House on 321 South Fourth Street, and Darcy shares her stories about the cheeky ghost of Ben Franklin, how she researches ghost folklore and her life as a paranormal author and psychic. Folk performer Jerry Griffin, known as Thunderfoot Lorefield, sings a creepy song called As Real as they Seem, and the hosts play part four of T. Fox Dunham’s horror story about an evil German scientist from WWII, a concerto that drains life to heal and a pianist whose son is dying of cancer, Die Musik Des Teufels (Music of the Devil) from Grey Matter Press’ horror anthology, Savage Beasts. The show finishes with another Philadelphia ghost story from Darcy, Ghosts at Chestnut Hill College. She’s back next episode! We are one of the oldest cities in America, and ghosts swarm our colonial buildings and lost cemeteries, trapped in haunted Philadelphia.


Horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas return with part two of their Philly Ghost Stories trilogy. Author of Haunted Philadelphia, Darcy Oordt. co-hosts to tell us about her work and research in paranormal Philadelphia. British folksinger David Walton reads Darcy’s collected ghost story, Inn Philadelphia. T. Fox Dunham talks with horror author and chair of the membership committee of the Horror Writers Association, James Chambers and discuss his new writing projects and how the writing industry has changed. Wormholes and spider colonies!


Come listen for our usual dark banter, a Philadelphia ghost story from Temple University, a conversation with horror author Daniel Braum, voodoo burlesque melody from Wily-Bo Walker and more CLOWN NEWS!!! Horror author Daniel Braum joins the show with his first segment, an interview about his work and experience in the writing industry. Come and get your spooky on!


On part 3 of our paranormal Philadelphia series, ghost story historian Darcy Oordt returns to talk about the frightening side of Philadelphia, or Fright’adelphia! Did you know they move the cemeteries in Philadelphia but not always the bodies? Phil reads Darcy’s story on The General Wayne Inn and Nancy Nightmare and the Wizard sing, I’m a Horror Queen. Oh, and what happens to a homeless ghost? On Fright’adelphia!


We warned you. Oh, we warned you. For years, we saw the signs. We’ve reported on their early movements as they tested our defenses, preying on our weakest and causing general panic. All the while, they studied us, and now, they rise. Terrorklowns. We’ve interrupted our usual spooky programming to bring you a special report on the oncoming evil clown invasion. Author J. Lee Dodson, writer of The Evil Klown Survival Guide from Grimlock Press, joins us on the show. J. Lee is a clown anthropologist and has been studying them for years, predicting the Terrorklown epidemic. He comes on as a consultant to educate our audience on surviving the clown apocalypse. We also have music from rocker Billy Cobb with his song, Killer Clowns, and horror author Meghan Arcuri talks to us about the early days of her career. Learn the rules of surviving the TerrorKlown epidemic and maybe we’ll survive.


The clowns are taking over. It’s the Clown Apocalypse. We bring you part two of our special report on the end of the world, clown style! Consultant J. Lee Dodson, author of the Evil Klown Survival Guide published by Grimlock Press, continues to educate us about how to survive the TerrorKlown invasion. We feature a selection from his book, Unklown Activity and the poem, Hell under the Big Top. Host Phil Thomas shares an unusual dark tale, The Clown Code, and we play a cool little song from Phil Reavis, Clown Car. Do the hosts survive? Or do they fall to the evil clowns in a final battle (and somehow return next week for another episode).


After our clown craziness, we decided to spend the episode with old friend, paranormal investigator, author and demonologist, Debi Chestnut. Debi was on an episode last year, 20: Shadow Stalkers and she comes back to share some of her new ghost stories from her book, Haunted Anchor Bay in Michigan. Debi’s been busy out hunting the supernatural with her paranormal investigation group, Shadow Stalkers and researching her new book, collecting ghost stories and folklore of Michigan. She shares two stories, narrated by our voice actors: Ouija Board, the story of a demonic game that keeps coming home to its owners and the Demon Dog of Lake Eerie, an ethereal harbinger that shows up aboard ships just before the sink. She also tells many of her ghost stories and updates us on her personal battle with a powerful demon—or a fallen angel.
“You’ll be sitting in the cemetery on a bench reading, and all of a sudden, you’re surrounded by all these shadow people.”


The show is back at one of Philadelphia’s most haunted sites, Fort Mifflin! Horror author T. Fox Dunham coordinated an author reading in casement 5—writers and ghosts, a great atmosphere for a horror reading. Working with hosts from PARA-X Radio, they had a great day hanging out with Philadelphia’s paranormal hunters. Darcy Oordt, author of Haunted Philadelphia, is back to hunt ghosts and folklore at Fort Mifflin. Then, she hangs out on the show. The hosts discuss Philly ghost stories, writing, getting an agent and their favorite horror movies for Halloween. Phil narrates some of her ghost stories from her book about Fort Mifflin, and Fox interviews Philadelphia noir author, Tony Knighton. All part of our Countdown to Halloween 2017!


Mark Nesbitt, famed Gettysburg ghost historian and author, comes back to the show as horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas interview him on location at his shop in haunted Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as part of the show’s countdown to Halloween 2017. In this special & long episode, Mark shares his many ghost stories, some of them recorded by our voice actors, and talks about his unique relationship with the supernatural of the American Civil War. It’s a remarkable show with a sage storyteller and great ghost stories for Halloween. HWA membership chairperson James Chambers pens a new story, Out of Devil’s Den, based on the notorious haunted site—a story of souls torn apart by civil war. The show plays folk music and several EVPS collected by Mark and his colleagues—and these clear voices of the dead give chills! This extra long episode is all part of our spooky content as we celebrate another autumn and coming Halloween.


Recorded onsite at haunted Pennhurst Asylum—famous site for ghost hunters and Halloween scary—horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas talk to the many visitors, collect ghost stories and share the paranormal history of the infamous state hospital. Fox does an interview with operation manager, Jim Werner, talking about the sensitive history of the hospital. Horror author Daniel Braum reads part one of his story, A MAN’S GUIDE TO COSTUMES AND THE MOST COMMON WAYS TO GET ARRESTED from his collection, THE WISH MECHANICS. And a song from a group great punk group in France, The Zombie Dandies, called Halloween Again. Part of our countdown to Halloween 2017!


T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas return to haunted Pennhurst Asylum for a second Friday to celebrate Halloween! Dr. Grimstalker tells them about the strange experiments and frightening treatment at the hospital. Then, T. Fox Dunham interviews professional baker and one of the stars of Food Network’s Halloween Baking Championship 2017, Jonathan Elias, to learn more about the show where they compete through Halloween baking challenges. Jonathan, who is a Halloween fanatic, tells us several great and easy baking ideas for tasty and creepy snacks. Rachel Mason and Little Band of Sailors sing us a dark song called Scarecrow, and Phil & Fox interview Ghost Hunts USA at Pennhurst, learning about their nightly #paranormal encounters onsite. Who is the dark creature who dwells in the basement? And does Doctor Fear really still haunt the Mayflower building? After a quick interview with the animal charity society, To Love a Canine, Daniel Braum finishes this episode with part 2 of his great Halloween story, A Man’s Guide to Costumes and the most Common ways to get Arrested from his collection, The Wish Mechanics. We also do an interview with the good people at To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc. who were at Pennhurst Asylum that night, helping dogs find new homes. Allison Ledbetter liked Alvin because he wasn’t rambunctious, but we couldn’t take him home!


Katrina Weidman from Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown co-hosts Episode 63: The Haunting of Katrina Weidman. She answers the questions of excited horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas and shares her unique insight into a lifelong pursuit of the paranormal. And she tells us some frightening ghost stories of her encounters while on Paranormal State and Paranormal Lockdown. Katrina is an experienced and charming ghost hunter from the Philadelphia area, and we’re so pleased to have her on this special episode of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show as we countdown to Halloween 2017. We also feature another song from French punk band The Zombie Dandies and our old friend, Wily Bo Walker and his Rattlin’ Bone Theater Show. T. Fox Dunham reads from his horror novel, Mercy—a book about his battle with cancer made into terrifying metaphor—from Blood Bound Books, and we bring you part three of Daniel Braum’s A Man’s Guide to Costumes & The Most Common Ways to get Arrested from his short story collection, The Wish Mechanics. Come indulge your spooky Halloween spirit with one of television’s most compelling paranormal investigators, Katrina Weidman.


Lloyd Kaufman is the original Toxic Avenger! For 40 years, he’s been producing films with a unique and original voice. According to Lloyd, Troma Entertainment is the last independent movie studio, and they’re fighting against a soulless and cold industry that wants to destroy original thinking. He’s out there on the last battlefield and using emphatic and graphic words to yell at the world. He’s on the show with horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas for a long interview, talking about his past, the indie film industry, and he shares his views on the corporate world of movies. This is ain’t for kids! We also play some music from his films The Toxic Avenger and Poultrygeist. We use a story from Blood Bound Books’ Dead on Arrival III called Posthumous he wrote with his daughter, Lilly. Phil does a reading from his book, The Poe Predicament, coming out soon from Caliburn Press. Its episode 64: The Original Toxic Avenger, Lloyd Kaufman, released in time for Halloween. Thanks Uncle Lloyd. He made Philadelphia, you know. It’s Tromatastic!


We’re celebrating our amazing month of counting down to Halloween with a fun Halloween special, Trick of Treat, recorded live at Uncanny! Comic store in King of Prussia Mall. After giving out candy and ghost stories during Malloween to the kids, horror author T. Fox Dunham and Bram Stoker award-winning author, PD Cacek hang out, talking about Halloween, ghost hunting and horror writing. They play some great Halloween music, two short stories from authors J. Lee Dodson and Phil Thomas and even end the show with a cute movie discussion from Tim McLean and his son Jack. It’s been quite a month! Enjoy your Halloween and get your spooky on. Also with video on youtube.


T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas return (from the dead!) after a grueling October season with What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show, Episode 66: Zombie Walk! They’re zombies! We’re dressed like zombies to participate in the Lansdale Zombie Walk. Early in the evening, they dressed up in gore and death then shambled up and down Main Street in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, enjoying the cool night air looking for fresh brains. After the walk, the horror authors gather at Comic Zen to record. On this show, they talk about being zombies, recording during October, hang out with civil war ghost hunter, Tom Capper who presents some EVPS from their trip to Gettysburg and visit with other zombies who did the walk. Fox interviews Max Booth III, author and proprietor of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, talking about the modern horror industry, his new podcasts and the cool new books coming out from PMMP. And they play the final installment of Daniel Braum’s chilling story A Man’s Guide to Costumes and the most Common ways to get Arrested from his collection, The Wish Mechanics. The show features a song from Peter Aldrich, Jon Harman and David Williams, Dawn of the Dead! And a new true ghost experience from listener Bill Goff about a mistaken clerk at a store in Gettysburg recorded by British folksinger, David Walton. We have some great stuff coming in November & December!


Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas bring you their 3rd Thanksgiving episode, celebrating the American holiday of Turkey Day! It’s a great episode featuring music, ghost stories, holiday talk and humor. Phil & Fox amuse with their usual banter, talking about the holiday, football in Philadelphia, traditions, movies to celebrate the holiday and their first installment of TURKEY NEWS. . . no clowns! Then, they play you an intercepted recording from the ButterTurkey Hotline. Are zombie turkeys coming alive in the oven and eating people on Thanksgiving? Listen to these desperate calls and prepare yourself for the Zombie Turkey Apocalypse. They play some holiday music, and Fox interviews and Bram Stoker award-winning author Tim Waggoner. Tim talks about his growth as an author, writing media tie-in books for the television series Supernatural and gives advice to new authors. He also shares a ghost story in part one of this interview, Night Eyes, narrated by British folksinger, David Walton. Enjoy this special Turkey Day episode while catching up with your podcast this Thanksgiving 2017 with Fox & Phil.


The months have turned colder, harsher, and we pass the bitter days with stories. As the winter solstice approaches, horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas share the legend of an old and unnatural evil: Wendigo. Magician Doug Stafford joins them to co-host episode 68 recorded on location at Comic Zen in Lansdale PA during the night of the town tree lighting ceremony. The show features stories and myths about this mythical figure of cannibalism and gluttony told by the three hosts. They also play part two of Fox’s interview with Bram Stoker award-winning author, Tim Waggoner who talks about his contribution to a book on horror writing from Crystal Lake Press. Join us for some winter legends on episode 68: Wendigo.


Paranormal adventurer & occult scholar Montana Jordan is back on the show with horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas to talk about the festive season. Montana shares her knowledge on the pagan holiday of Yule, the winter solstice, wassailing and of course, her boyfriend, The Krampus. She decides to pop the question to the Santa’s evil brother, and wouldn’t you know it, Santa shows up to spoil the wedding! Of course, Santa and Krampus get into a big fight, and you’ll be surprised to find out the winner. Katie shares a wonderful true ghost story about a strange EVP recorded at an old firehouse: ROSE. And we play some new and odd holiday carols as we celebrate Yule 2017, our third Yule show.


It’s our holiday episode for 2017! 70 episodes! Halfway Out of the Dark. That’s how horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas regard the season. Happy Solstice! The authors hang out, talk about the season, scary holiday gifts, current film releases like The Last Jedi and Fox tells the scary tale of all the cookies he’s made. Bram Stoker award-winning author, PD Cacek shares a true holiday ghost story, The Christmas Cat and the hosts play a strange ghost story about paranormal excrement, sent in by one of our fans. They also discuss A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Tim Waggoner is back for part three of his interview on writing, giving advice to new authors and talking about the way the publishing industry has changed. We play some strange holiday carols and finish with a song from our friend, Wily Bo Walker from his Moon Over Indigo album. And check out the new horror Christmas anthology, Shades of Santa, on Amazon now, with a new horror holiday flash fiction story from T. Fox Dunham. Profits go to a Water charity. Ghost stories and music for your winter holidays!


To celebrate another year of spooky, horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas present this audio anthology of our best true paranormal & ghost stories from 2017. Read by British Folksinger David Walton or told by the authors themselves, we present some of the best names in paranormal literature such as Katrina Weidman from Paranormal Lockdown or authors with featured stories on A Haunting. We’ve also got a great tale of the famous dead from horror director Lloyd Kaufman and a civil war tale from celebrated ghost historian of Gettysburg, Mark Nesbitt. It’s all ghost stories all episode, and we’ll be back in 2018 with new ghost stories, horror fiction and interviews.


Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas are back for their first show of 2018, The Legend of Wambutin. Who is this wild goblin that once haunted Phil’s love life? Phil laments the legend with co-host T. Fox Dunham while they discuss the freaky cold winter, the new Star Wars movie and how they’d haunt each other if they died. In addition to their witty banter, Fox narrates several ghost stories from the Philadelphia Zoo written by paranormal historian, Darcy Oordt from her book Haunted Philadelphia. They play a great punk song from Zombie Dandies, and British folksinger David Walton reads T. Fox Dunham’s horror tale, The Ice People from the Shades of Santa charity anthology. The spooky is back in 2018.


Ghost hunter and sensitive Cathy Gasch, author of My Life Amidst the Paranormal, has been seeing spirits all her life. She comes on episode 73 to share stories of her international adventures among the restless dead. The dead need to be heard, and she is their conduit to the remaining world of the living. Cathy talks with horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas, telling the hosts what it’s like to be born a sensitive and shares her unique perception into this world with her ghost story, James, narrated by British folksinger, David Walton. Of course, the hosts spend a little time helping new authors get their start with advice from English horror author, Jasper Bark. Jasper talks about the writing industry in his charming way and about writing for the upcoming indie firm, Crystal Lake Publishing.


She’s a DJ to the dead. Cathy Gasch, author of My Life Amidst the Paranormal, returns for the second part of her interview on episode 74, Ghost DJ! Cathy has been seeing the dead all her life. She returns to tell us more ghost stories from her experiences and what it’s like living as a psychic. She even has a dead client who hangs out behind and sends her requests for an internet radio station. Also, Jasper Bark, British horror author, completes his interview, telling new indie authors what to expect when getting into a changing writing industry. New authors, heed his words! And, we play Cathy’s true ghost story, The Irish Millhouse, an experience she had while visiting Ireland. She’s an amazing storyteller, psychic and paranormal adventurer, Cathy Gasch.


Aliens are invading Philadelphia! Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas bring you a special report on UFOs spotted around Pennsylvania, and according to the number of sightings they’ve uncovered, a fleet of flying saucers are hovering over the Keystone State! Researched from documented reports, the hosts expose a conspiracy of silence. T. Fox also shares the story of a UFO sighting from his youth in 1985 in Strange Lights over Levittown. And they talk about aliens in science fiction, discussing such classics as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End. Fox interviews Netflix special effects’ director, Andy Fowler. Mr. Fowler has designed the effects for popular movies like 300, Noah, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, San Andreas and many others. He provides insight and advice for new filmmakers trying to make it in the movie industry and discusses how it’s changed over the last decade. Mr. Fowler’s new movie, Aliens: Zone of Silence is now available on Netflix. The hosts also play some extraterrestrial music to set the mood. The indie band, And The Most, shares their song, “Alien Girl” and the show closes with a strange techno song from SeJayno, “Alien Eyes”! And congratulations Eagles! First Super Bowl win for Philadelphia. We’re pretty sure aliens didn’t influence the victory, though they may have caused some strange behavior in the city after the game. We’re Philly’s horror home, and the aliens aren’t just invading; they’re here.


Journalist Don Allison went to Gettysburg and met a ghost, and the bucolic Pennsylvania town where the American Civil War reached a turning point is the perfect haunted battlefield to meet a spirit. On episode 76, horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas spend some time with an amazing scholar, sensitive and paranormal journalist from Ohio, Don Allison. He authored a book about his paranormal experiences called I Met a Ghost in Gettysburg. Don shares stories from his book, telling ghost tales from both his house and his trips to Gettysburg. For years, the ghosts of his new home called to him. First, they nearly killed him in a car accident. Then, after he renovated the house, they kept rolling marbles upstairs or pulled pranks like changing radio stations, forcing him to listen to Bowling Green State University play basketball, which was a horror-in-itself because Don’s a Toledo graduate! Don shares his many stories with the paranormal, and British singer David Walton narrates two selections from his book. Also, we bring you music from a folk-singing talent and social protestor, David Rovics: The Last Lincoln Veteran & If I Die Tomorrow. On episode 76: He Met a Ghost in Gettysburg. Download now or listen on PARA-X Radio. Philadelphia’s Home for Horror!


On episode 77 of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show, paranormal journalist and ghost hunter Don Allison returns with more stories about his haunted house and his supernatural experiences in the ghost capital of the world, Gettysburg. Don tells us what it’s like to be sensitive to the spirit world, but he’s also a skeptic, a medium scientist trying to explain these paranormal happenings. He shares two more passages from his book, I Met a Ghost in Gettysburg, read by British folksinger, David Walton. And yes, a ghost really did snap his underwear and played mandolin on request.


T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas, hosts of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show, have been snowed in by two Nor’easters that buried Philadelphia. To keep themselves occupied, they share a couple of stories on episode 78, Tales For a Winter Fire. David Walton narrates a creepy and wonderful ghost story sent to us from Wales called The Ghosts of Gladstone Manor. Over a decade, a gentleman witnesses a series of paranormal events that left him disturbed. T. Fox Dunham interviews local indie band talent at a Philadelphia event called Metal. The first band he interviewed is the heavy metal band Surgeon. They discuss local music, their creative process and give advice to new bands starting out. Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing contributes a crime story, Chulie and Tommy Fat from author, Rob Pierce, and we finish with a stirring song from protest singer David Rovics, Ghosts that Walk this Earth. What would it be like to exist on the other side and never be able to talk to anyone again, just watching the world go by? Oh and new Clown News!