EPISODE 20: Shadow Stalkers




Phil Thomas & T. Fox Dunham are counting down to Halloween. October 1st, they release episode 20, Shadow Stalkers, recorded with special guest host, Debi Chestnut who tells us her stories after spending a lifetime investigating the paranormal.

Debi Chestnut

Debi Chestnut was born psychic and struggled with this gift in a world that didn’t


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understand her. As a kid, her first best friend was a ghost-boy named Nathanial, and she lived in a supernatural world. She investigated many cases with the Black River Paranormal group and has now formed a new group, Shadow Stalkers. She’s written multiple books on the paranormal including Something Wicked, Stalking Shadows and Is Your House Haunted? She is what Fox calls a psychic healer. She mends the rips between this world and the next.

“A demon’s purpose is to turn your soul away from God.” Debi Chestnut.

Debi’s talks about several of her paranormal experiences on the show: growing up with a dead boy, fighting a demon that nearly consumed her life, putting to rest elementals in a barn that were conjured to protect the souls of dead children. She shares with us one of her favorite stories, The Screaming Woman, which has been narrated by one of our voice actors. It’s about the ghost of a murdered woman and her lost child in a mid-west farmhouse.

“Nathaniel was my first ghost & my best friend.” Debi Chestnut

A link to Debi’s work as a paranormal investigator:


Visit Debi’s Website


Fox & Phil have started their seasonal spooky early, and they ventured to one of the infamous haunted sites of Philadelphia: Pennhurst Asylum. Thanks to tickets from their friend Cindy, they got in early and enjoyed this magnificent production.

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Check out this link from Weird NJ for its history.


We tell another true ghost story, Long Distance, about a woman who won’t give up on her boyfriend after he gets married, even after she dies.

Fox shares another round of Clown News. The clowns are spreading north, and they’re coming for you. This is a perfect example of modern American folklore in action.


James Chambers returns to talk about the Horror Writers Association’s annual Halloween Haunts, a series of essays, stories, photos and thoughts from members of the Horror Writers Association that he will put up each day until Halloween.


Monk Turner contributes a song to get us into the spooky Halloween spirit. “Halloween Night” from his album Calendar.

Monk Turner has produced more than 25 concept albums using a collective of monk-turnermusicians who share his passion for creating freeform, genre-defying music. Among some of his accomplishments, Turner’s composition with musician Fascinoma won a competition held by radio station WFMU and the Free Music Archive for an alternative version of the popular “Happy Birthday to You,” entitled, “It’s Your Birthday!” In addition to his prolific catalog, his songs have been featured in movies, television programs and advertisements. The track “Judicious Jason” from Instrumental Friends Part 3 broke a Guinness World Record when 2,231 students chose the song to do history’s largest choreographed ribbon dance. His albums are available for free download via Creative Commons license on Bandcamp, Free Music Archive, and Archive.org. They can also be streamed via Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, and Beats/MediaNet.



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Haunted Ballroom Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Halloween Night – Calendar – Monk Turner




EP18: Witches

Play Episode 18 below:


wp_20160910_17_38_51_proPhil Thomas & T. Fox Dunham record on-location from The Cats Meow Mystical Shop in Lansdale, Pennsylvania (Montgomery County) in the Philadelphia region. They not only bring their usual assortment of paranormal & horror content (like a box of chocolates made from shadows and gooey macabre) but they also talk to several surprise guests who visit on Bike Night in Lansdale.


Cat’s Meow Mystical Shop:

Psychic Tarot Card Readings. wp_20160910_17_35_27_proCandles. Oils. Incense. Herbs & Roots. Crystals. Jewelry + more!

They also have an online catalog that provides material to practitioners around the world.

Cat’s Meow Online







This is their second episode on Para-X Radio! They join a spooky schedule para-x-logo_social_400x400of programming about the paranormal from many brother and sister explorers of the darkness. Thank you for asking them to join the family! Their new episodes will debut at 6PM on Saturday night, then it will be available from all the major podcast services such as iHeart Radio, iTunes, GooglePlay, etc.


Now because the show is going on a weekly schedule, Fox & Phil can finally relax a bit. They’re changing the format so they can talk to their audience more, share their experiences and stories. For example, in this episode, they discuss the plague of clown sightings happening in the south: its validity and basis in folklore.



WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ALL THESE CLOWNS? Is this how the world ends?


Medium Jean Westbrook Interview:

Fox interviewed the Lady-Medium, Jean Westbrook MA, CH, CMI. Jean is a local medium who spent the last 30 years exploring her abilities, growing them and helping others on their search. She doesn’t see the future because she believes in free will.


 “My readings provide an emotional spiritual mirror to help you gain clarity so you can make positive conscious choices yourself. I am here to empower you. Cats Meow has been a wonderful place for me because Randi’s group has been very supportive.”




The Window – True Ghost Story

The true ghost story comes from western musician Suzen JueL about a house that won’t forget,


The Window. And Randi Biba Stinson, owner of Cats Meow, and her sister, Jini, share one of her true ghost stories, Louis. He was the old shop owner, and they had to come to terms over a misunderstanding that crossed worlds.

Swamp Music Players

They end the show with a song from a band in British Columbia: The Swamp Music Players. Fox plays The Devil’s Tooth to showcase their unique and mournful sound. It’s from their album Timeless Cool. The Swamp Music Players are a retro futuristic band with a passion for Swamp Rock, Swamp Blues, Swamp Pop and Cosmic Americana.


Collapsed stilt house on the lagoon of Ganvie in Benin


We look forward to sharing our next episode with you, Episode 19: Fall Spirits to be recorded on location at Comic Zen in Lansdale, PA.