We spend the episode with paranormal author and investigator, Debi Chestnut. 



58: Ghosts of Anchor Bay

After our clown craziness, we decided to spend the episode with old friend, paranormal investigator and author, Debi Chestnut. Debi was on an episode last year, 20: Shadow Stalkers and she comes back to share some of her new ghost stories from her book, Haunted Anchor Bay in Michigan. Debi’s been busy out hunting the supernatural with her paranormal investigation group, Shadow Stalkers and researching her new book, collecting ghost stories and folklore of Michigan. She shares two stories, narrated by our voice actors: Ouija Board, the story of a demonic game that keeps coming home to its owners and the Demon Dog of Lake Eerie, an ethereal harbinger that shows up aboard ships just before the sink. She also tells many of her ghost stories and updates us on her personal battle with a powerful demon—or a fallen angel.


“You’ll be sitting in the cemetery on a bench reading, and all of a sudden, you’re surrounded by all these shadow people.”

Part of our countdown to Halloween 2017!

See you at Fort Mifflin and our next episode when we play coverage from the Philadelphia Ghost Fest!


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