Phoenixville, PA

Former funeral home


Submitted by horror author PD Cacek

Read by British folksinger David Walton

Listen to Forge Theater true ghost story narrated by David Walton from episode 35: STRANGE DAYS

Once Neiman Funeral Home, Forge Theater has not only has been verified as being haunted but is also a stop on the Phoenixville Ghost Tour.

I’d heard about the theater from a friend who’d performed there and couldn’t wait to see it—especially the ticket booth which was once the site of the casket lift. I mean how could I NOT want to see it…let alone volunteer there. To be honest, I hadn’t heard it was haunted or on the ghost tour when I showed up, I just knew it was. Sometimes you can feel it even before you walk through the door.

Soit came as no great shock when I walked in and asked who their ghost was and got the answer “Mr. Neiman.” Everyone knows Mr. Neiman, everyone accepts Mr. Neiman and, above all, everyone respects Mr. Neiman.

It was not only his business, but he home after all.

And he still lives there…in the costume loft.

I’ve never been up to the loft. I could, but I’ve only ever gotten as far as the stairs leading up to it before turning around. It’s not fear that keeps me out, but the feeling that I’d be trespassing. I know the costumers don’t feel particularly welcome sometimes, but, as they say, the shows must go on and Mr. Neiman is very good about putting up with all the intrusions.

I believe I caught a glimpse of him once, peeking out from the stairwell leading up to loft. It could have only been a shadow, but I nodded and the shadow nodded back. Mr. Neiman is what is called an “intelligent haunt”— a spirit that interacts with his living counterparts, unlike the “residual haunting” of the Morrison Theater’s crying woman.

Mr. Neiman haunts Forge Theater, but I don’t think he haunts alone. There is something downstairs, in the combination greenroom/dressing rooms that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up each and every time I go down there. When the theater was still a funeral home, this was the area where the bodies were prepared…and I think someone is still there.

The only sense I have of it—not even sure if the entity is male or female, although I lean toward male—is anger, a very cold, bone-numbing anger that can be felt even on the hottest days.

I haven’t asked about it simply because this is where the actors spend most of their time and I don’t want to worry anyone, but the more time I spend at the theater, the more I feel it…and get the sense that it also feels me.

This could get interesting. Stay tuned….

Listen to the full episode here!

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