It is a world of demons, ghosts and monsters. Horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas revel in it, exploring the darkness and keeping you informed about the current state of ghouls in the world. The ghouls are coming to get you. And we’ll be following, laughing.

Who is the man in the hat? He appears before your bed as a harbinger of darkness and bad times. He comes leading a pack of ghosts that infest your home or brings terrible tragedy to your life. Phil Thomas discusses this specter of urban legend. Fox keeps everyone updated on the epidemic of demonic possessions of high schools in Jamaica. Yes, it’s a thing there.



Horror author PD Cacek shares another of her haunted theater stories, talking about the crying woman and the gentlemen ghosts of the Morrison Theater, a building that used to be a house of ill repute. Dark jazz man Wily Bo Walker returns with the Rattlin Bone Theater with his macabre song, Little Gina.

They finish their Dark Ones authors’ series with a reading of John Foster’s dark work of spies in Eastern Europe, Mister White read by Daniel Braum at the KGB Bar and Lit Club in NYC. Who is Mister White? Don’t say his name! Published by Grey Matter Press.

From the Dark Ones Rise at the KGB Bar and Lit Club in the East Village, NYC.

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