Katie Montana Jordan

Montana Jordan –

Co-host and Occult Scholar

Katie is a valued co-host and active paranormal researcher. She’s also the girlfriend of the Krampus… Refer to Episode: Krampus vs. Santa.

Katie Montana Jordan’s involvement within the realm of the paranormal stems from when she was harassed by a dark entity as a child. She has since been formally investigating with various psychic and paranormal organizations for over 20 years. Katie is a published freelance writer with areas of specialty in holistic healing, paganism, witchcraft and the occult. An Occult Specialist, Katie works as an Independent Consultant to several local, as well as international, paranormal and parapsychological research organizations. In addition to taking on investigative casework, Katie also holds lectures and teaches classes on occult-related topics, and has been a guest to a myriad of other podcasts, radio shows and film projects. She maintains that, because ghosts are earthbound energies, the whole of the paranormal and parapsychological fields are subtopic to the studies of theology and spirituality. Both an ordained minister and pagan priestess, Katie is currently obtaining her PhD in holistic theology. A Whitefish, Montana native, Katie now resides in Portland, Oregon.

Check out the following link to learn more about Katie Montana Jordan: www.about.me/kmontanajordan

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