Harford Road Horror

Maryland, USA

Sent in by Anonymous

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My ex wife and I bought a house through an estate that her law firm handled on Harford Road in Baltimore MD.  The person who previously owned the house was in her 90’s and was unfortunately put in a home.  She and her husband were the only owners of the house, built in 1932.  My ex’s lawyer took care of a lot of updates and repairs.  When we moved in there wasn’t much to do, take down wall paper, paint, fix some cracks and electric, nothing major.  It wasn’t the coziest house, but it was a nice house.  There was always a coldness to it, never felt totally ours and homey.

As with most stories, everything started small.  Noises and shadows in your peripheral vision.  I remember one night, we were woken up to what sounded like a window being broken.  I didn’t have a gun yet, but I had an extensive knife collection and a mini cross bow.  She had a bat and her cell phone with 911 pre dialed and ready to call.  We combed the whole house looked outside at our neighbor’s houses and nothing.  We went back to bed.  Our closet door and our wardrobe door would always open on their own.  Our one cat kept getting in the wardrobe so we chocked it up to her opening it, but needless to say we weren’t always sure.  We would be woken up to sounds all of the time of our front door unlocked, unlatching and opening and closing.  Whenever we would go check, it was always closed and dead bolted.  We would see shadows in the laundry room and always felt like we were being watched and followed down there.  We always felt a presence in the kitchen and would sometimes see a black figure in the corner, but only when the lights we out so we assumed shadows.  My ex’s brother lived with us and also confirmed some of the very strange things we experienced, but outside of us three we never told too many people.

So we had a Halloween party and a lot of friends crashed.  For some reason people kept telling us all night that something about the kitchen bothered them, they weren’t comfortable being near the swinging kitchen door and didn’t want to go in there with the lights out to go get a drink.  So the next morning, my best friend woke up and when I came down he asked if I was up in the middle of the night, claimed he heard footsteps all through the dining room, kitchen and upstairs.  He also claimed he heard whispers.  Another night a friend of ours crashed, she woke up to the same things.  The worst was when two of our good friends were having relationship issues and the boyfriend, whom is a former marine, asked if he could stay with us as they worked things out.  He brought some things, including his two guns (he was worried she would hurt herself on purpose and we also planned on going to the range).  That weekend we were going to do a day trip and hit some haunted houses up in PA and a pumpkin patch etc . . . and my brother, who had a key, came over early to meet up with us.  Our friend didn’t know he was coming.  We are woken up to a scream and we run downstairs and our friend was holding his gun and my brother was about peeing himself (he’s terrified of guns, not to mention ever expected to walk into my house to be held up per say).  When we asked him why he had his gun out and loaded, he said he couldn’t sleep because someone was in the kitchen making a lot of noise and when he went to check there was no one there.  he was so spooked by the happenings of  the night, he loaded his gun and slept with it.  So that was just some of the stuff leading up, this went on rather consistently for about 3 or so years.

One night my ex was closing at work and I was home doing laundry and I was up in our bedroom.  I was folding laundry and listening to music and planned to get a shower when I was done.  I was there in my boxers when all of a sudden our two cats jumped up from lying on the bed and starred at the ceiling and starting whining, moaning, and growling.  That really freaked me out, I backed up and then the stereo shut off.  I walked over to try and turn it back on and it wouldn’t turn on, I looked at the cats in the bed and they were still acting strange when this complete feeling of dread over came me.  I saw my phone on the bed, I watched my cats freaking out but I was trapped in my own head, looking out from behind my eyes, like I was separate from myself.  I couldn’t move, all I could do was see.  I started to talk to myself from inside my head, willing myself to move.  It felt like an eternity when finally I snapped out of it and grabbed my phone and ran out of the bed room into the bathroom.  I locked the door and sat on the toilet.  I felt a presence outside the bathroom door and never felt fear like this.  I dialed my ex, voicemail, dialed my best friend, voice mail, I dialed my mom, voice mail.  I sent out texts to everyone and no response.  I sat in complete fear for what felt like hours.  What was actually about 20 minutes later, the feeling just vanished, like it never happened.  Suddenly, I started getting texts, and phone calls from everyone I called.  My mother asked me what was wrong, I sounded absolutely terrified on the voicemail, I asked her why she didn’t call sooner, and she said it just came up on her machine.  My best friend told me he literally just received my texts.  My ex called wondering what was wrong, said her phone never rang.  Just so strange I can’t explain any of it except when I went back into the room, I looked behind the stereo and it was unplugged.

I never did feel like that in the house again, we brought a friend in whom saged the house for us and said a blessing (not saying it correlated) but things happened there until my ex and I separated and I moved out.  Total of between 4 to 5 years.  I always believed to a degree but was skeptical.  Now, I believe.



“Lamentation” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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