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This is the 2nd podcast in Fox & Phil’s 6 episode Countdown To Halloween, celebrating the haunted holiday and their one year anniversary podcasting about the darkness—and all things spooky.



with Katie Montana Jordan – Occult Specialist ready to play below:




We need your true ghost stories. Copy them into the email at whatareyouafraidof117@gmail.com. Check out the submission guidelines on the website for more information. We will have them narrated by our voice actors.




On this episode, the boys are joined by Katie Montana Jordan, Occult Specialist for two paranormal katie-skullagencies including Oregon Paranormal and Paranormal Research & Investigations.

Katie Montana Jordan is a Freelance Writer with areas of specialty in paganism and the occult. She is the Occult Specialist, Client Relations Consultant and Field Researcher to Oregon Paranormal, as well as Writing Consultant and Field Researcher to Paranormal Research & Investigations. Both an ordained minister and pagan priestess, Katie is currently obtaining her PhD in holistic theology. A Whitefish, Montana native, Katie now resides in Portland, Oregon.




Link for her upcoming conference (where she’ll be both holding a lecture and teaching a class): www.portgambleparanormal.com


Oregon Paranormal was established in 2009 for the purpose of conducting paranormal research throughout the Pacific Northwest. We exist to aid those who feel they may be experiencing phenomena they cannot explain. Our organization is comprised of an amazing group of researchers who hold the same core values, which Oregon Paranormal prides itself on. Our mission was to build a research organization that people could turn to for help and support, which we believe we’ve been successful at achieving. Over the years we’ve conducted a number of investigations, between residential, commercial, and historical sites including joint investigations with teams throughout the region.

And keep your eyes open for Katie’s up and coming personal WEBSITE. This site is her one stop website with info about both her writing and para work, radio spots, etc.)


The Relevancy and Applications of Ouija Boards

Katie can be seen next at the 7th Annual Port Gamble Ghost Conference in Port QUJIAGamble, WA, over Samhain weekend. Katie will be holding a lecture on Friday the 28th, titled ‘Samhain: The Pagan History of Halloween.’ And she is also teaching her coveted class on spirit boards, on Saturday the 29th, titled: ‘The Relevancy and Applications of Ouija Boards.’


For more information on the conference, check their WEBSITE.




Katie comes on the show to not only talk about her work in the paranormal but also to explain the pagan holiday of Samhain—the foundation-holiday of Halloween. There are many misconceptions about the pagan new year, and Katie shares her knowledge of its history and modern practice. T. Fox Dunham shares his story of Samhain. It is a special time for him, a second birthday. When he was 18, his battle with a rare form of lymphoma nearly ended with his death, but through a miracle after several months of intense chemotherapy and radiation, he survived and found new life on Samhain. They both talk about this sacred and ancient time of death and rebirth in the natural circle of life.

“The Dark is to be respected and not feared.” – Katie  Montana Jordan

Katie shares two true ghost stories: Ghost Hands and Scaredy Cat both narrated by voice actors. Ghost Hands is the true account of disembodied hands who got fresh with our Katie while she was on a ghost hunt!

“Beware the Hand Man.” – Katie Montana Jordan

Ghosts usually scare you, but in Scaredy Cat, she scared the ghost!



The Final Ingredient:

British folksinger David Walton returns to narrate with his life partner, Marie, a dark short fiction by T. Fox Dunham, The Final Ingredient—a tale of a witch in need of a last element for a dark recipe.

“Forever shall I live, and so shall I teach you, if you can name the missing ingredient. Fail, and today you sup on stew, then anon worms shall sup on you.”



Check out Velaraas on their FACEBOOK PAGE

velarass-album-cover-pictureThey finish the show with a song from a band out of Portland, Oregon Velaraas playing from their album, Gilded Age. The song is called the Peace Maker. They’re a four piece band: Thelonius Spence (guitars and vocals), Scott Walker (drums), Ian Engblom (bass), and Colin Stroup (guitars and vocals). They’ve been together a little over 2 years.

VELARAAS – Vela means several things. Most importantly to them it means “time”. It also means “the hour of death” and “passion”. Ras (in which they added an a) means several things as well. Notably, it means “to feel”, “love”, “reverberate”, “roar” and “perceive”.

The “time” part of Vela is important because each of their albums is lyrically and somewhat musically centered in a time period, the Peace Maker being set mostly in the latter part of the Wild West.  Each song is a small vignette of its own. Some of their songs are based on true events, some are partially based on events and others are pure fiction.


Fox & Phil Go a’Ghost-Hunting!


Fox & Phil are joining Philadelphia Southeast Paranormal Investigation and Research Team, also known as Spirit of PA, for a paranormal investigation of Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, PA. They will feature their logs and experiences on a future episode during October. Check out the Spirit of PA Group at their WEBSITE!



They will also be at the King of Prussia Mall at Uncanny Comics on Saturday, October 29th for Malloween. Here is the Uncanny WEBSITE.




Counting down to Halloween with many surprises yet to come!

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(A Horror Medical Thriller Novel from Blood Bound Books.)



By T. Fox Dunham

(The Host of What Are You Afraid of Horror & Paranormal Podcast)

FANGORIA gives MERCY 3.5 out 4 Skulls – “Dunham has channeled his many brushes with the other side into the exquisitely rendered, lyrical supernatural hospital thriller MERCY. READ FULL REVIEW HERE.



Author Tim Waggoner

Part medical horror, part supernatural suspense, MERCY is a hard-hitting fever dream of a novel. I enjoyed the hell out of it!” ~ Tim Waggoner, author of The Way of All Flesh and Eat The Night




Author David Dunwoody

Pain and poetry flow in equal measure through these pages. Dunham’s prose strikes deep and hits all the right notes. MERCY is unforgettably vivid.” ~ David Dunwoody, author of Hell Walks and The 3 Egos



William Saint is dying of cancer. On most days death seems like a humane alternative to the treatment. Stricken with fever, William is rushed to Mercy—notorious as a place to send the sickest of the poor and uninsured to be forgotten—and finds the hospital in even worse condition than his previous visit. The grounds are unkempt, the foundation is cracking, and like the wild mushrooms sprouting from fissures of decay around it, something is growing inside the hospital. Something dark. It’s feeding on the sickness and sustaining itself on the staff, changing them. And now it wants Willie.

This was my death.

Life is an addiction.

Love is the only force that is real.

Read . . . and understand what I saw. I put it in metaphor. You do not understand what you do not





Author of Mercy – T. Fox Dunham

Buy on Kindle at Amazon

Or Buy in Paperback at Amazon


Night In The Forest by Sergey Cheremisinov is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.

“This House” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

 “Peacemaker” by Velaraas on the Gilded Age album used with special permission from the owner.

“Aritus” by Path of Witches on their Halloween Compilation Album

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

“The Chamber by Kevin MacLeod from Dark World(incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

“Dwelling in a Basement” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



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