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Play Episode 19: Fall Spirits Below Happy Equinox! It’s our season, Autumn. Mabon. Halloween is only a few weeks away, and Fox & Phil have lots of spooky and horror to fill the time. Horror personality, one of the Crypticon Ghoul Girls and host on iHorror, Friday nights, Kino McFarland … Continue reading



EP18: Witches

Play Episode 18 below:


wp_20160910_17_38_51_proPhil Thomas & T. Fox Dunham record on-location from The Cats Meow Mystical Shop in Lansdale, Pennsylvania (Montgomery County) in the Philadelphia region. They not only bring their usual assortment of paranormal & horror content (like a box of chocolates made from shadows and gooey macabre) but they also talk to several surprise guests who visit on Bike Night in Lansdale.


Cat’s Meow Mystical Shop:

Psychic Tarot Card Readings. wp_20160910_17_35_27_proCandles. Oils. Incense. Herbs & Roots. Crystals. Jewelry + more!

They also have an online catalog that provides material to practitioners around the world.

Cat’s Meow Online







This is their second episode on Para-X Radio! They join a spooky schedule para-x-logo_social_400x400of programming about the paranormal from many brother and sister explorers of the darkness. Thank you for asking them to join the family! Their new episodes will debut at 6PM on Saturday night, then it will be available from all the major podcast services such as iHeart Radio, iTunes, GooglePlay, etc.


Now because the show is going on a weekly schedule, Fox & Phil can finally relax a bit. They’re changing the format so they can talk to their audience more, share their experiences and stories. For example, in this episode, they discuss the plague of clown sightings happening in the south: its validity and basis in folklore.



WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ALL THESE CLOWNS? Is this how the world ends?


Medium Jean Westbrook Interview:

Fox interviewed the Lady-Medium, Jean Westbrook MA, CH, CMI. Jean is a local medium who spent the last 30 years exploring her abilities, growing them and helping others on their search. She doesn’t see the future because she believes in free will.


 “My readings provide an emotional spiritual mirror to help you gain clarity so you can make positive conscious choices yourself. I am here to empower you. Cats Meow has been a wonderful place for me because Randi’s group has been very supportive.”




The Window – True Ghost Story

The true ghost story comes from western musician Suzen JueL about a house that won’t forget,


The Window. And Randi Biba Stinson, owner of Cats Meow, and her sister, Jini, share one of her true ghost stories, Louis. He was the old shop owner, and they had to come to terms over a misunderstanding that crossed worlds.

Swamp Music Players

They end the show with a song from a band in British Columbia: The Swamp Music Players. Fox plays The Devil’s Tooth to showcase their unique and mournful sound. It’s from their album Timeless Cool. The Swamp Music Players are a retro futuristic band with a passion for Swamp Rock, Swamp Blues, Swamp Pop and Cosmic Americana.


Collapsed stilt house on the lagoon of Ganvie in Benin


We look forward to sharing our next episode with you, Episode 19: Fall Spirits to be recorded on location at Comic Zen in Lansdale, PA.

EP19: FALL SPIRITS Recording on-location at COMIC ZEN in Lansdale PA

Phil & Fox are headed back to Lansdale, PA (Montgomery County) to record their next episode, Fall Spirits on-location at the Comic Zen store on Main Street in town. This is during the town’s annual Cruise Night, so there will be lots to do, eat and see, especially if you like old cars. We are joining the store’s new owner, Timothy Hershey, and we hope to collect some new paranormal stories and experiences from customers.




This episode will debut on Para-X Radio on Saturday, September 24th at 6PM and then it will go live on all major podcasting services.

On Saturday, September 17th, to help celebrate Cruise Night in Lansdale, Montgomery County PA, What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Podcast will be recording on-location at Comic Zen on Main Street to help new owner Timothy Hershey celebrate the opening of his store. We will be there at 6PM to hear your stories and perhaps put you on the show!

Phil & Fox will be discussing all matters paranormal, dark and Indie, plus they’ll be on hand to talk to visitors about their true ghost & paranormal experiences. If you have such a story, you’ve seen a ghost or been haunted, please come down to the store to tell them your experience.

Kino Demented will be joining them remotely, and they will be debuting new ghost stories and dark fiction from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing along with a new song from the Swamp Music Players.

We’ll have free candy!

Episode 19: Autumn Spirits will be played first on Para-X Radio Saturday, September 24th at 6PM, then it will be available on all major services such as iHeart Radio, GooglePlay, iTunes and many others.





301-A West Main Street, Lansdale PA 19446 – (267) 263-4219


Up in Cape May, NJ for a few days, and picked these up at a little boutique in the Washington Street Mall from Christmas Plus. We spoke to a charming & energetic lady who is going to share some ghost material with us.


Halloween is coming, and we have several compelling episodes planned to get you your spooky!


As part of our outreach program to report and join the Philadelphia community, we will be recording the show from various locations. Some of these events will just spring up, so you have to be quick and review our event’s page.

EP18: Witches

Our next recording will take place at the Cat’s Meow Mystical Shop in Lansdale, PA on Saturday, September 10th starting at 6PM, but Phil & Fox intend to be there earlier to talk to people, collect some ghost stories and hang out with the psychics, witches and seekers of the other realm. Bike Night is a busy night for Lansdale, so prepare to park far! Or take the SEPTA to the Lansdale station right in town. The shop is located adjacent to the Septa Station at:

Mystical Cat Logo Banner

105 Walnut St

Lansdale, PA 19446

Mystrical Store Front

So we hope you’ll join us and bring your stories! The show should prove to be rich with mystical wisdom.



Tori’s House

Submitted by Tori L. Ridgewood

Kirkland Lake, Ontario

To play audio version, just click below:

We’ve had some unexplainable events in our house, in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada. And I know we’re not the only ones — this town is rife with homebody ghosts!

But here are three vials of ghostly fun to pour into the general cauldron…

About two years ago, while my husband was away at school (four hour drive from home), he would Skype me every night to chat with us, often just before the kids were ready for bed. They would say goodnight, I’d take them upstairs, and then we’d have some quiet time to talk before logging off for the evening.

One night, after I had gone upstairs with the kids, he was waiting patiently on his end of the computer connection. The living room was empty. The television was off. 

He heard a voice.

He’s never been quite sure what the voice said, but it was definitely something. He’s a skeptic, so he didn’t pay much attention, other than to be mildly surprised and mention it to me in passing later on.

But there was more…

One night, I woke up and saw a figure in our room. My daughter was in the bed, and the figure was distinctly menacing and terrifying. It was next to my side of the bed. I tried crying out, then curled my body over my daughter and pulled the blanket up around us both, over our heads. When I looked next, it was gone.  

It’s not the first time I’ve seen a figure in my bedroom, watching me sleep, and I can never be sure whether I was truly awake, but it happened in this house and in our home in Swastika. 

A few weeks ago, my husband told me that he saw something reflected in a picture mounted on the wall. It looked like a woman in a long nightgown, and he thought I had gotten out of bed for some reason. But when he turned around there was no-one there…and I was wearing cozy purple jammies that night. So what did he see?

I’m certain there is a presence in this house… And I’m certain that it’s actually benevolent. It likes us. Whatever I saw next to the bed, I think our resident spirit shooed it away.



Play Episode 13: Charles  Adams III

Sponsored by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing




Well, we’ve had the self-discipline to get you 13 episodes, and we’re going strong. This is a momentous episode for old lucky 13. NEW THEME SONG!!! We’re no longer using open license horror music for our opening. We have a unique theme song composed just for us from author & musician, Michael Garrett. All I had to do was write him three op-ed pieces. Nice trade! The theme song is a creepy mix of simple piano and an odd scratching noise: something trying to get in or trying to get out? Then, we hear a familiar theme of techno that picks up the beat, leading into a cascade of piano. The song ends in simple and ominous way.

In addition to the new theme song, we have commissioned artist Dyer Wilk to do some new cover art for the podcast. We improve every episode.

On this episode, we bring you our usual stew of ghost stories, paranormal & author talk, interviews and even a new techno dark sci-fi song from a British DJ, Dead Zone. Follow Dead Zone on twitter for new updates from his music: @newo394r

Author Tori L. Ridgewood sent us a series of small ghost events from her home in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. The piece is read brilliantly by British folksinger David Walton. We put the story in as a special treat at the end of this update.


Link to Tori’s Goodread’s Page

Phil & Fox discuss more true ghost phenomenon, have their usual banter, and then we lead into our interview with folklorist and author Charles Adams III. We’re rather proud of this one. Charlie has been collecting and writing true ghost stories from the east coast for decades. He was doing it when the term paranormal didn’t exist, and we’ve all seen his books in museum gift shops and libraries. We feature part one of this interview on the show.

Phil and Charlie

Phil Thomas with ghost story legend Charles Adams III

Charles Adams III Bio:

223_CharlesAdams - picCharles J. Adams III was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1947 and resides there today. Adams has been a speaker

at the International Ghost Hunters Alliance and GhostWorld conventions in Gettysburg, Pa., and at regional paranormal conferences in New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. He has been interviewed on ghostly topics in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, South Africa, and on several American radio and television stations. He has also appeared on The History Channel’s “Haunted America: New York” and “Haunted America: Philadelphia” programs and has served as consultant and on-air “expert” for programs on hauntings and ghosts on The Learning Channel, MTV, and The Travel Channel. His latest television work is a segment at the haunted Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia for The Travel Channel’s “Mysterious Journeys” series. He has produced, written, and conducted “ghost tours” in Lancaster County, Reading, Hamburg, and Philadelphia, Pa.; Cape May, N.J., and Greenwich Village, New York City. His stories have been selectedcharlie book for inclusion in several anthologies, including “Classic American Ghost Stories” (August House Publishing). At the personal request of the producer M. Night Shyamalan, his book, “Bucks County Ghost Stories” was used as a prop in the 2002 movie, “Signs,” which stars Mel Gibson. A U.S. Navy veteran, Adams has also been a singer and keyboard player in rock bands since his high school days. Adams has also written numerous commercial jingles and songs, and several have been recorded and released on CDs and music videos.

Link to his Goodreads page



T. Fox Dunham talks about issues in the horror writing community and reads his letter to the Horror Writer Association core members and leadership, written at a time of great turmoil for all authors involved with the organization. He reads his essay, The Strength is in the Membership which talks about how it is up to the authors to make their association better through their individual actions.

John Foster, co-host for episode 5 returns with an interview about his new novel from Grey Matter Press, Mister White as one of the Dark Five. We will feature a special episode from the KGB event, Let the Dark Ones Rise, after episode 14.

“Who is Mister White?”




Bad Pic of all 5

This is leading up to the release of the What Are You Afraid Of? Special, Let the Dark Ones Rise, recorded live at the KGB Bar & Club in NYC. This will be released shortly after episode 14 featuring authors & host T. Fox Dunham, Shawn Macomber, Daniel Braum, John Foster and J. Anthony Stone (Ol’ Stoney). This is the first in our special artist & author series which will be coming to you over the next year, celebrating the best in Indie creation.

The Dark Ones Comes to Philly!

What Are You Afraid Of Podcast will be hosting our next event at the Alma Mater Restaurant in Mount Airy, Philadelphia. Confirmed horror authors who will be reading so far are T. Fox Dunham, John Foster and horror icon and HWA membership committee chairman, James Chambers. A few more will be added.

JUNE 25th 2016, 3.30PM

Alma Mater (the former North by Northwest (NxNW)) is in the heart of Mt. Airy in Philadelphia at 7165 Germantown Avenue.

Alma Mater Website

We close the show with a special musical treat from British techno composer Dead Zone, a mix of beat and borg, inspired by those bionic zombies. Assimilate



You’re The One

Submitted by Tara Fox Hall 

New York 2014

Play the audio version of this story here:


Tara Fox Hall is dear friend and comrade in the world of writing. We came into this together, and she’s been a great supporter of The Fox True Ghost Tales Project. She’s always been sensitive to spirits, so we can usually count on a story once a season.

We are more open to spiritual experiences during times of meditation, when our minds turn off the noise the world. Shamans have been doing this for centuries, and a good writing session, which Tara specializes in, is much like meditating. Try it sometime and see through this world.

I was up at my family cabin this past September, putting finishing touches on the latest Promise Me Tale, Eye of the Storm. Per usual, I had worked well beyond dusk, lulled by the gentle breeze coming through the screens and the almost absolute silence, and my craft had taken hold, pushing me to finish.

As I hit save, and went to switch off my computer, I looked up from the screen and felt eyes staring at me. Nothing was visible through the windows surrounding me but pitch blackness. Spooked, I shut the windows, blew out the three candles I’d been using for ambiance, and locked up, bolting the door.

I headed upstairs and got ready for bed, telling myself that I was completely alone, that even if there was some peeping tom skulking around outside, there was no way he was getting in without making a lot of noise. But the feeling of something watching me remained. It was strong enough that I left a floor lamp burning in a bedroom down the hall as a nightlight.

Sometime in the night, I was awakened by the sounds of something moving about in that same room down the hall, something too big to be a mouse. Terrified, I reached up for my own light, fumbling at the switch. It clicked multiple times, but wouldn’t turn on. The sounds down the hall were getting louder, as something crept toward my door.

In panic, I reached for my cell phone, only to have it come alive in my hand, “You’re the One” scrolling repeatedly across the screen as static and a man’s voice talking in a low tone filled the silence. I took breath to scream and felt myself propelled out of bed by some unseen force. Unable to get air, I flailed, weakly croaking, “Stop it!” as I was moved toward the dark doorway and the remaining unlit bedroom.

With a gasp, I came awake, flailed for the light switch and turned it on. Drawing ragged breaths, I sat up and looked down the hall. Everything was as it should be, the light burning, no signs of anything disturbed. I got out of bed and turned on the other bedroom light, and everything was okay. Relieved, I got back into bed, and settled back to sleep. As I was drifting off, I heard faint sounds again from that same bedroom.

I dozed fitfully the rest of the night with all the lights on.




Tara’s Blog: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5286654.Tara_Fox_Hall/blog

Tara’s Facebook Page:


Twitter: @TerrorFoxHall

The Lonely

The Lonely
Submitted by Megan Gulliver
Kutztown, PA

To Play Audio Narrated Version:

When I was 19, I decided to stop commuting to Temple University and go to Kutztown University, where I could live on campus and embrace independence. I was paired with a roommate whom I didn’t know, but we got along very well. However, this roommate left every weekend to go home to work, so I was left on my own every weekend. I wasn’t afraid of being on my own, but I didn’t like it, either. I suffer from major depression and I hadn’t ever been left in a room by myself for more than a few hours at a time. With my longtime boyfriend-at-the-time back at home, things got lonely. I ended up using the days spent alone to embrace my inner insomniac, but that seemed to make my depression worse.

Whenever I would get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I would always see a black flicker in front of the laundry room. This would only occur from the hours of midnight and six a.m. I assumed it was my imagination or the way the light cast itself along the dorm hallways. But one night, when I was at my loneliest, I got the feeling I wasn’t alone. At first I was a little freaked out, because no one likes the feeling of eyes on them when there’s no one there. But it felt like my own loneliness was wandering into the hallway and receiving someone else’s loneliness in return. I stepped into the hallway to see if anyone was there, because almost everyone went home that weekend. I saw the quick flicker in front of the laundry room, which was across the hall from my room. Any other time I would have thought I was crazy, but this time I was sure – there was something out there, and it was as lonely as I was.

I whispered into the hallway before even realizing I had opened my mouth, “You can come in.” I immediately stood horrified at what I had just done, but not regretting it. Something about this occurrence felt normal. I hovered in the doorway for half a minute, then went back into my room, leaving the door open. After an hour, I had almost forgotten the encounter all together until I saw a black flicker on my roommate’s bed. It was out of the corner of my eye, but it was in the shape of a human sitting on the bed, like someone was watching t.v. with me. I no longer felt loneliness surrounding me, from either myself or whatever was outside my door. Instead of feeling freaked out, I felt safe, and I continued watching t.v. until I eventually drifted to sleep.

I had almost forgotten about my lonesome companion when I moved back into my dorm for the second semester. Nothing out of the ordinary happened in the first few weeks. About a month in, I was walking back from the girl’s bathroom when a thought seemed to rail through my head at full force. All I heard was the name “Michael,” and the thought rushed into my head right outside of the laundry room. The memories of last semester came flooding back to me, and I immediately rushed into my dorm room (leaving the door open) and started Googling students whom had passed away while attending Kutztown University. I couldn’t find anyone by the name of Michael, and just as I was about to give up, I narrowed my search. “Kutztown University death Michael.” Bam, there he was. He was riding his motorcycle only a year earlier when he got hit by a car and died. Students loved him, he was widely known around campus, and he hated being alone. I was relieved to have a name to my new companion, even if the thought of befriending a ghost made me feel like a madwoman. Michael. (Picture attached to e-mail, he’s the man standing on the left.)

I had broken up with my high school boyfriend halfway through the previous semester and had started dating someone new in the beginning of the second semester. For privacy’s sake, we’ll call him Jose.

Further on through the semester, things between Jose and myself got heated. One night, we were arguing fiercely as we walked back from the dining hall to my dorm. I had decided to let him come in, even though I wanted him to go back to his own dorm. Jose was still laying into me as we got to my door. I unlocked the door, opened it, and when I stepped inside, the door swung shut behind me. Jose caught the door and started yelling at me, saying I slammed the door in his face. I ran over to the window and shut it, thinking that the door slammed because of a wind tunnel effect. Schuylkill Hall was notorious for doors slamming shut if you left your window open. As I told him I didn’t touch the door, the door slammed shut again, even with the window closed. The only thing I could think was that my new ghostly friend didn’t exactly care for my new boyfriend, but I decided not to tell Jose out of fear of sounding like a madwoman. So I told Jose that the doors in my dorm slammed shut on their own a lot, and we continued to fight.

It was rare for Michael to leave from outside of my hallway, but there were other occurrences in the basement. I can’t be sure the basement occurrences were Michael, because these seemed more hostile. One night, Jose and I were playing billiards. As I went to hit the cue ball, I saw a black shadow out of the corner of my eye. I say shadow instead of flicker, because the feeling was different than when I would see Michael. As I hit the cue ball, the ball went flying and almost hit Jose in the stomach. He managed to dodge the ball and told me to calm down. Later on, Jose went to hit the cue ball and I saw the black shadow again. I told Jose to hold on, and I moved to the other side of the pool table. Jose resumed his shot, and the ball went flying where I had been previously standing. If I hadn’t moved, I could have been seriously injured. I told Jose I was done for the night, too freaked out that Michael would do something like that, and thought about the possibility that there might be more than one ghost roaming Schuylkill Hall.

Things like this happened a lot for the rest of the semester. If I ever felt alone or depressed, I would leave my door open and I would see the black flicker outside of my door by the laundry room. If I went down into the basement, I would watch weird occurrences happen if residents were playing billiards or ping pong. Michael only ever came into my room once or twice, and I still doubt he ever went into the basement.

The day I moved out, I was emerged in depression. I could sense it wasn’t entirely my own. I think Michael was sad to have someone believe in him and then leave him alone for who knows how long. My only hope is that someone is as open-minded as myself and keeps him company. But I also worry about his safety, because I have the feeling that there was something much worse in that dorm. I doubt I’ll ever find out the truth, since I’m no longer a student of KU and no longer have access to that dorm.



Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas bring you episode 14 of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Podcast. The authors continue to explore the darkness, building an archive of entertainment and experience in both the paranormal and artist community.

Sponsored by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.



On this installment, they begin with a true ghost story sent by recent musical contributor, DJ Dead Zone or Jason from Manchester, England. The Grey Man is a story about a terrifying paranormal experience that happened to Jason when he was a lad told for the first time to the podcast. And Jason is sure the Grey Man will return for him one day. The true ghost story is beautifully recorded by our British folksinger, David Walton.

Follow DJ Dead Zone on Twitter at: @newo394r

Phil & Fox share a few more true ghost experiences from Gettysburg, Cape May and even tell the story of Phil’s extra-dimensional car. Fox shares his knowledge on clearing negative energy using herbs and magick. We also give a shout-out to some of the major female horror contributors to the field including Lisa Morton, President of the Horror Writers Association and Ellen Datlow, the best anthologist in dark fiction.

We complete our interview with famed ghost story collector Charles Adams III, known for such anthologies as Ghosts of Cape May, Ghosts of Gettysburg and many more volumes from 30 years of tales he collected. We are thrilled to have this immense talent on the show and one of the creators of the paranormal sector. Thank you Charlie. Our admiration to you.

223_CharlesAdams - pic


Fox closes the show as one of the last of the Dark Five in preparation for the first of our live author’s series. Let the Dark Ones Rises, recorded and hosted by T. Fox Dunham at the KGB Bar & Club in the East Village of New York City, will premier in September featuring John Foster, Shawn Macomber, Daniel Braum and J. Anthony Stone reading works from Grey Matter Press, editors Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson.

Bad Pic of all 5

As the last of the Dark Five, not to be confused with the Final Five, Fox reads from his new horror novel, Mercy, out from Blood Bound Books from a live reading in Philadelphia. Shawn Macomber, who reviewed the book for FANGORIA, interviews Fox about his writing and life, talking about surviving cancer, enduring life with the disease and writing to free his soul.


Mercy at Amazon

We close the show with a song from one of our new musical partners, Mystary & Mystary Records, creators of ambient horror music. We use music from their album 2706 in this episode for the true ghost story and at the end of the show. More information can be found here, and the album is available on iTunes & GooglePlay.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialhauntedhouses

We also use sound effects from from Free SFX. http://www.freesfx.co.uk.

It was a remarkable show again rife with great talents, and we have so much amazing material yet to come including interviews and material from some major players in the paranormal and writing community, on-site investigations of such places as Satansville & the Cult House, plus new special episodes of our author reading series.