Night Patrol in the Desert

Submitted by JD Spencer


Audio version of this story narrated by Jon Prive is available from Episode 2: Halloween in Bethlehem:

I served in Iraq a few back and I was on a night patrol. It was at that point just before dawn. In the desert, that’s the darkest, coldest time of the night. I was exhausted and really ready to call it a night.

We were stopped at the edge of this village taking a break. There were no lights other than our headlights. I walked about a hundred yards out into the desert and the darkness just swallowed me. I was going to switch on my flashlight when I saw a light a distance out from me.

I just watched it and time kind of stopped. It didn’t get closer or farther. It sort of bobbed there like a glowing balloon. I snapped out of the trance when someone shouted at me. We drove over to where I thought I saw the light, but there was nothing out there. No people, no vehicles, no nothing. It left me with creeps for days. Other people have told me similar stories about lights in the desert with no source too or I would think I was nuts!


Iraq Dessert

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