Submitted by TRACEY SLADE 
Williamsburg, Virginia – 2001

Audio version available from Episode 1: Death is Not the End.

A few years ago, we rented a house in Williamsburg, Va. It was my husband, our 2 year old daughter, and myself who lived there. My husband worked overnight so it was just my daughter and I on most nights. I don’t know what it was but I never felt comfortable or at ease there. Our daughter wouldn’t sleep in her room. Instead, she slept in the living room on the couch and I would sleep on the other couch. At night, I didn’t sleep well and sometimes it felt like someone was watching me.

The house had a deck on the back of the house that ran from the dining room all the way to our bedroom. One night my husband and I were asleep in our bedroom. Well, my husband was sleeping but I was wide awake. I heard a noise outside on the deck. It sounded like one of the plastic chairs was being dragged down the deck form the dining room to our bedroom. I woke my husband and asked, “Did you hear that”? He said, “No, what did you hear”? I told him what it sounded like and he said, “It’s probably a squirrel”. A squirrel? A squirrel! In the middle of the night?! Okay, I kind of blew it off but it definitely was not a squirrel.

I have always had an open mind about ghost and spirits ever since I was a child. On a night when my husband was at work, I definitely felt like this house had a ghost. My daughter was in the living room asleep and I was not. It was very late maybe 1am. I’m lying on the couch with my eyes closed. I hear music coming from my daughter’s room. It’s the music from her toy steering wheel. The kind that only plays the music only when you are turning the steering wheel. I lie there, petrified, knowing what this means. Someone or something is turning the steering wheel! I know what I have to do. I gather my courage and get up. I start walking down the hall toward my daughter’s room. The music is still playing. I get to the doorway. I reach around and flip on the light. The music stops. I look where the toy steering wheel is on the bookcase. The toy is perfectly sitting on the bookcase. It’s not turned over and not touching anything. It was so weird that the music stopped as soon as I switched on the light.

We ended up moving out of that house. We had a one year lease. But we only stayed nine months. The owner didn’t put up a fuss about us leaving early. He wanted to sell the house and tried to sell it to us. But we were not interested. Speaking of the owner, my husband and I thought the owner was kind of strange. But that’s another story.


The Window

Submitted by Suzen JueL

About 1994. Minneapolis.

A theme of this season’s archive has been the memory inherit to a place. Suzen JueL is a talented singer, artist and a dear friend. She shares us with us another example of paranormal memory.

I was excited to move. It was a huge house with 11 people living there, all musicians. I was given the attic . . .the floor was busted in several places, so I threw heavy Victorian rugs over them. There were four windows, each one had busted-out glass in the four pieces and the wind blew right thru day and night. It was April and there was no insulation. It was quite cold at night and pretty hot during the day. A small ladder came out of roof, onto my bedroom floor.

I decided to start organizing the broken down attic that was now to be my new home and some friends and I drove to pick up a few more of my things. It was several hours later before we returned. Lance, the owner, had a guard dog, a retired police dog who would bark at anyone that was a stranger. As we were driving up the road towards the house, we were looking in that attic and noticed a light was on. I hadn’t left it on. It was swinging back and forth and a taller man with a black hat and coat on swooped under the light as it swished back and forth, his shadow being cast in shard like shadows on the angled bare wood ceiling. There were three of us, Lance and I and “kid.” Kid was a young boy in his late teens. We all wondered what we just saw, since no one else was in the house but the three of us at this point. We unlocked the doors. We all took a different entrance and the dog was sound asleep on the stairs. I run the three flights of stairs into the skinny steps into the attic. The light is off. It’s perfectly still.

Several days had gone by and I had finally unpacked my guitar and sat on the edge of my bed and began to play. My right side became slightly chilled. I heard whispering of sorts in my ear, but nothing I could make out. It wasn’t a feeling of fear at all but actually rather peaceful. Not like I would have expected for not being able to SEE anything in broad daylight.

My bed was in the North Window, or no reason other than I liked it there. When I would sleep, I would have the constant feeling of being pushed out the window. Several weeks later a new guy moved into the other half of the attic in the lower part. The next morning we were having coffee and I asked if he had slept ok. He said ‘I slept fine, except all night I kept feeling like something was trying to push me out the window. He had also set his bed in the north window on the lower side. That’s when I told him how it had happened to me as well. This is when the dialog started happening between various roommates.

Another time, I was sitting in the attic, reading when I large creature hopped thru the attic and went right thru the wall. I didn’t know what it was. It kind of looked like a large calico rabbit or a cat. One of my roommates and her boyfriend, who lived on the 2nd level, had a cat that never left the room but I thought I’d ask anyway. I ran down the skinny flight of stairs and knocked on their door where they were sitting with their cat, watching TV. I mentioned to them what I had seen and more conversation started.

A few months later, the previous tenants came to visit and had told us of their experiences and the smoke that came down from attic in to their room, from under the door. There had been a fire there over 80 years prior and a man had jumped from the north window.

The attic ceilings were charred from the scorch, something we never paid much attention to, because it was an old house and we knew it. Stories confirmed, although some felt it differently than others and some felt nothing at all.

Link to The Music of Suzen Juel


Night Patrol in the Desert

Submitted by JD Spencer


Audio version of this story narrated by Jon Prive is available from Episode 2: Halloween in Bethlehem:

I served in Iraq a few back and I was on a night patrol. It was at that point just before dawn. In the desert, that’s the darkest, coldest time of the night. I was exhausted and really ready to call it a night.

We were stopped at the edge of this village taking a break. There were no lights other than our headlights. I walked about a hundred yards out into the desert and the darkness just swallowed me. I was going to switch on my flashlight when I saw a light a distance out from me.

I just watched it and time kind of stopped. It didn’t get closer or farther. It sort of bobbed there like a glowing balloon. I snapped out of the trance when someone shouted at me. We drove over to where I thought I saw the light, but there was nothing out there. No people, no vehicles, no nothing. It left me with creeps for days. Other people have told me similar stories about lights in the desert with no source too or I would think I was nuts!


Iraq Dessert


Malevolent Spirits in the Banana Fields

Submitted by Wilma T. Bañaga 

Philippines – Asia

Audio version of this story available, read by Allison Ledbetter for Episode 6: Charles Dickens Ghosthunter:

Or keep reading below. . .

Banana Fields

In 1997, our organization was helping a community-based health NGO to conduct a research on the situation of women in their province. We went to different villages to conduct interviews and focus group discussions for the research. One of the villages we needed to go to was in a municipality north of the provincial capital. It took us about eight hours on a passenger jeepney on rough roads and across rivers to reach the place. We were dead tired by the time we got to the house of our hosts.

I was then with an assistant and a two staff from the health NGO we working with. Hosting us in the village was the family of one of the NGO’s staff. They had a two story house with several rooms on the second floor that are only used when their children and grandchildren are home on vacations. The elderly couple who owns the house have been using the downstairs bedroom since they started having difficulty climbing stairs.

We had an early dinner, thanked our hosts and went to our respective bedrooms – three women in one room and the male staff in another. There was only one bed, which my assistant and I shared while the local staff slept on a mat on the floor.

Tired from the trip, I think fell asleep around 7 pm. Then, sometime during the night I woke up and saw a small child jump from the window to edge of the bed near my feet. Startled, I tried to get up to take a look but I couldn’t move. I tried to speak and scream but no voice was coming out of my mouth. I was confused. I was wondering if I’m dreaming but my mind was fully awake. I kept trying and trying to move my arm and after some time I was able to and I sat up to look around. There was nobody in the room except for the three of us. It was deathly quiet. I looked at my watch and saw that it was a little past midnight. I was having a bad dream, I said to myself and tried to get back to sleep.

As soon as I fell asleep, the dream continued. I saw the child again but I can’t really remember what the dream was about, only that it was a continuation of the previous one. And again, I tried to wake up and move and speak and I couldn’t. Again, I tried and tried to be able to move until I was able to move. My heart was pounding. The room was dark and quiet and I was scared to go back to sleep and find myself in that struggle again, but in no time, I was back asleep and the dream again continued. I couldn’t move again. My mind was fully awake but I was frozen.

It was then that I thought that there might be spirits in the house who are welcoming me or something like that. I told myself that I should do something or I might die in my sleep. Then, I remembered reading somewhere about the Lord’s Prayer being a very powerful banishing spell for evil spirits. I started reciting it in English.
Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,  
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us…”

When I got to the last line of the prayer, my mind went completely blank. I couldn’t remember it. I decided to start over from the top but still I couldn’t remember the last line. I decided then to say it in Filipino. Surely, I thought, I will be able to remember it but again, I couldn’t remember the last line. I decided to recite the prayer in Latin. I learned it when I took up Latin in college. Still, I couldn’t remember the last line.

My mind was racing. Oh my god, they are preventing me from completing the prayer, I said to myself. I was so scared. I started saying the prayer again and trying to move my arms. I knew I just had to keep on trying and that I didn’t want to die in my sleep. So, over and over, I recited the prayer in whatever language I knew until finally I was able to say it.

“… And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.”

I recited it three times and as soon as I said Amen for the third time, I was able to open my eyes and move my arms. I looked around and everything was as it was earlier. I didn’t want to go back to sleep. It was about 3 am. Still a couple of hours till we needed to get up but I was thinking that I should just stay awake but after a while, I felt sleepy again and as I was drifting off to sleep I heard my colleague who was next to me in bed moaning.

I shook her shoulder slightly to wake her up. I told her she was moaning and asked her if she was okay. She thanked me for waking her up because she said she was having a bad dream and couldn’t move or speak. I told her to recite the Lord’s Prayer three times and if she doesn’t remember some lines, she should just keep on trying until she is able to complete it.

I got up at around 6 am and sat in bed thinking about what happened. My colleague woke up and we started talking about it. She had the same dream about the child and we concluded that the spirit transferred to her after I drove it away.

We didn’t tell anyone else about the incident until we got back to the capital three days later. We told the daughter of the couple who owned the house about what happened. She said that beside their house is a piece of land planted with bananas. It has always been like that since they were children, and ever since, the people in the village have believed that malevolent spirits live there. In fact, she said when she was a kid and they were playing near that area, she just suddenly collapsed according to her playmates but she said couldn’t remember that it ever happened at all. The room where we stayed had a window facing that area and it did look eerie even during the day.



Submitted by Renee Johnson

Norfolk County, Massachusetts

The first memory of interaction with any spirits in the house was when I was about 5. My great grandfather died, nobody told me. I know I was his favorite little person but I never liked going to the nursing home even though I liked to visit him. The place always smelled of old urine and I didn’t like being there. I remember how hard it felt to breathe, it was suffocating.

My family never told me that he died. I don’t know what they expected, maybe that I wouldn’t notice?

I was asleep when it happened and I was woken up by ‘something’. I remember just waking up out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night. I was facing the wall closest to my bed when I opened my eyes. On the wall there was a shadow darker than the room and after a few moments adjusting to being suddenly awake I realized it was Nathaniel. He moved and pointed towards the far end of the room where my closet door was. When I looked to the closet there floating in the air in front of the closet door was Grampie’s face, smiling and large. The thing that impressed me the most was how large, his face, floating there took up most of the width of the door. And then they were gone, Grampie and the shadow of Nathaniel. But I understood what happened, I understood why he was there. He was saying goodbye even though no sound was made. I knew he was gone.

Some time later, several days maybe, we were all dressed up and in the car. I am in my own little world half paying attention to the adults talking in the front seat when I hear something about going to see Grampie. And I spoke up and said “But Grampie died” and my Grandmother turns in her seat to look at me and say, “How did you know?”.

“He told me”.

I don’t recall their reaction, I was looking out the window at nothing. I do not remember going to his funeral, I think they have been dropping me off elsewhere. But that’s where the memory of the event ends.


Hatch Girl of Hohne 
Submitted by T.M. McLean
Germany 2014

Author and friend T. M. McLean sends us this story from Germany. A place possesses a spirit, and the spirit remembers. This spirit of place can dream as we do, and sometimes what we see as a ghost is really a re-occurring nightmare, time worn thin. The events echo, playing out again for us to witness. Like a person, a place can be traumatized. Tim sends us a story about such a place. You’ll just need to read to the end to find out where. Thank you Tim. 

We’ve had some great true tales so far this season, and I’ve got many more waiting for me to post. Keep reading. I will be posting a story each day through Halloween.

–T. Fox Dunham

Audio version available read by Allison Ledbetter for Episode 12: Dark Tales:

The place where I work is apparently haunted. At times it even gives me the creeps, although I’m not as jumpy about it as some of the younger members of staff. It’s easy to see why people find the place scary, and there are many good reasons why it might be haunted. The place where I work is a swimming pool on an army base.

The manager’s office at the entrance to the pool complex has a hatch in its ceiling. It’s difficult to reach, but one day, when the manager wasn’t working, someone allegedly climbed up there. I say allegedly only because no one ever admitted doing it, but the cover was moved, leaving the hatch open a little. Ever since that day things have been strange, and sometimes incredibly frightening.

It started off mild at first. Sometimes things would turn up in places they hadn’t been left: a pen that was meant to be in a drawer was discovered on the windowsill, someone’s coffee mug was upside down on the floor in the staff room for no reason, that kind of thing. Just when people started to blame each other for the weirdness, something even weirder happened.

Two of my colleagues were in the staff room talking. About two meters away from them, near the room’s entrance, the kettle switched itself on. Just like that. Completely unexpected and completely impossible. No one was in the complex except the two members of staff in the room, and yet the water was boiling. Needless to say, they were completely freaked out and they babbled about it to anyone who would listen. I’m skeptical even now, but they assure me that it happened.

A giggling girl has also been heard, always when the place is quiet and there is no one around. It isn’t a disturbing sound, not in the slightest. I’ve been told that the laughter sounds completely genuine and joyous. The fear only comes into it when the person who heard it checks to see if anyone’s there, only to find that the main doors are closed and no one has been there for hours. I can only imagine how creepy that must be. This giggling girl, nicknamed Hatch Girl, is now blamed for the movement of stuff as well.

Strange bits of hair have been found around the women’s showers as well. You might think this is nothing strange, given that people are prone to losing some hair while they shower, but this hair is always in the exact same place and is completely raven-black. If it is the same person losing that hair every day then they would be bald by now . . . unless of course Hatch Girl has an endless, ectoplasmic supply.

It’s probably nothing.

Three times a day certain checks need to be performed by the duty lifeguards. It is incredibly important that the chlorine, water temperature and pH levels are checked. This is the most frightening part for most of the staff. Shadowy forms have been seen in the pump room. They loom between the three rooms that make up the pump room, flitting between doorways or dashing up and down the stairs.And, to make it worse, this place is set away from the offices, hidden from the rest of the camp by a thick treeline on one side and the structure of the indoor pool on the other.And it’s loud with the constant drone of the pumping equipment. People really don’t want to go there.

Some nights require people to check well after sunset. The walk to the pump room is completely dark; there are no street lights or any kind of illumination. This is the bit that gives me the creeps. A dull red glow is just visible through the pump room’s window (this comes from a control panel located inside), but to get there you have to walk the length of the 50 meter outdoor pool. You can’t see it, not really, but you hear it. The water sloshes about in the darkness. It’s an eerie sound and it makes you turn up the brightness on your mobile phone, just so you can see something. The wise thing of course would be to take a flashlight, but I’ve never remembered to do that. In the pitch black a little bit of light can be worse than none. By illuminating a small section, you make the rest extra dark and shadows dance and float as you desperately try to hurry along, not so fast that you can’t keep your attention focused, but fast enough so you’re not dawdling. You know—you hope—that there’s nothing there. The sounds you hear are probably just geese flying overhead, the water in the pool, trees rustling in the breeze…

Now and then you glance up to look at the red glow that shines like a beacon of safety against the darkness, but then… then you remember the stories: the kettle, the girl, the strange clumps of dark hair that always turn up in the same spot in the showers… the shadow people in the pump room. It dawns on you: you’re rushing away from the hell outside to reach the place where the shadow people dash around, where Hatch Girl’s shadowy form giggles in the red glow, the place where most of the other staff members don’t want to go during the day. But you’re there at night. It’s at that moment that you spot something skip past the red light, momentarily blocking it, and you want to turn around and run to the car, turn on the engine and get the hell out of there. But you don’t. You do the checks, just like you’re paid to do.


Chances are that it’s all nonsense. After all, any number of natural phenomena or simple imagination could easily explain everything away, right?

What if I told you that the place where I work is called Hohne? Does that mean anything to you? How about if I tell you that it’s an army camp in a little place in northern Germany called Belsen? What if I also told you that the town I live in is called Bergen? Would that change your opinion at all?

Ever heard of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp? I work as a lifeguard in a swimming pool built by the Nazis to train for the Berlin Olympics… not even a mile away from the mass graves of the poor people that met their end at the hands of some of the most extreme cruelty the world has ever known. Do their spirits still wander the area?

The religious among you might hope not. After all, surely no God would force their eternal souls to forever be lost in the place of their torment. Maybe Hatch Girl is one of them…?

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Now available from Noodledoodle Publications, Fear’s Accomplice, featuring a tale of horror from T. Fox Dunham. Editor T.M. Mclean


Some stories challenged the way I thought about a horror story, while others made me laugh out loud.

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Steve LaChance

Steve LaChance – Paranormal Author

Interviewed by T. Fox Dunham






Fox Note:

Every Halloween, I order a a collection of horror books, usually zombie anthologies and scary stories. A rare treat is a book about a true demonic haunting. For the past few years, I have enjoyed The Uninvited by Steven LaChance. It describes his experiences dealing with a true demonic haunting, while he lived in the home and helping out the later resident. The experience changed his life and opened his eyes to a wider universe.
I was fortunate to contact Mr. LaChance, and he agreed to an interview for the site. You can see his story on an episode of Discovery Channel’s A Haunting, which has recently started again with new seasons. He is also releasing a sequel book, which I am looking forward to reading and adding to my Halloween collection.


Q. How has your experience changed your view of the world?

I think it has taken away a little bit of the false security we all feel. There are times I catch myself in a public place and I look at people and wish I did not know the things that I have learned. I suppose you could say that I should find some kind of solace in the fact I now know there is something more after death. That is simply not the case at all. The entire experience has raised more questions about the afterlife and the unseen things which could be surrounding us on a daily basis. We simply have no clue. There is a sense of an invasion of privacy even when I am alone. You can never really be sure if there is not something else there with you. I was attacked at some of the most private moments in our lives we just simply take for granted. I cannot put my head on my pillow at night and feel absolutely secure.

Q. Do you believe you were selected for this experience by fate or divine selection?

I would like to think so. It makes dealing with it all a bit easier. I know I have changed lives and I have helped many people on a paranormal level and not. Was I selected for some kind of soldier in a spiritual warfare battle? I think that idea might be going a little bit too far. However, I do feel the experience was given to me at a time when I needed it. That is hard to explain to someone who has not been through something of this magnitude. It is all a strange dichotomy in a way. One hand I wish I had never lived through it at all and on the other hand it was one of the single most changing events in my life. It made me the person I am today. I believe things happen for a reason and there are times we are given things in this life when we need them. Not all of those things are going to be pleasant. In the end, the most important thing is the lesson learned. Those lessons are the character builders which make us the people we are. I don’t know maybe it is just my way of putting it all into a box which makes it easier to understand and handle.

Q: What do you say to skeptics who don’t believe your story?  

I have been very lucky in this respect. For the most part, people have the understanding we went through something life changing and horrible. How they fit that understanding into their reality box can vary. The few true skeptics I come across I remind them I use to be a skeptic too and I will be there for them if something like this ever happens to them because I am the guy you call for help. An important point to also understand is that the more I do this work, the more of a skeptic I become myself. There is a whole lot of fraud and BS out there in this world. Sometimes it is all you can handle just to dig your way through it all in order to find those who truly need your help. In the end, I have found I feel more alone than anything else because I have come to understand the events which happened to my family are very rare. Not exactly the exclusive club you want to find yourself in.

Q. What advice would you give others who are suffering a demonic haunting?

I could give you a whole dissertation on this subject alone. The most important thing you can help them with is to understand how they have played a part in their situation. How they invited this into their lives. I am not talking about this in a religious sense or spiritual one either. The spirit can come into play, but it is often something that has nothing to do with either of those things. Many times it is our actions in relation to other people which can cause the demonic to attract. Anger is one of the big ones. I personally had so much anger from my wife deserting us and my sister dying that it was like a match to dynamite. It is the easiest way I can explain it to you. The demonic are attracted to dysfunction.

Q. How did you approach writing the Uninvited? Did you have a strategy? 

The only strategy I had when I wrote the book was to have a conversation with the reader. I wanted anyone who reads the book to feel like I am right there talking to them. I guess you could say another strategy was not to hold back even when it was difficult to explain some of the things that happened. I also wanted to take responsibility for the things I did wrong for the investigator who could possibly read it. By no means did I ever put myself on a pedestal having the attitude I know everything. The truth is there have been a lot of people before and there will be a lot of people after who will battle with these same questions. The point is, for those who live through something horrific like this, we could care less what name it is given. We simply want the help to get rid of it and to keep it out of our lives. There is the difference between a real case and fantasy.

Q. Please tell us about your current projects and your future work.

I am just finishing the final edit to the follow up book to The Uninvited. It is often a misunderstanding that once a door closes and you walk away from a haunted house it is over. Lorraine Warren told us a long time ago it would never be truly over. When she said this I did not understand. I do now. Also, we have so much more history about the land the house is built upon and we now have a pretty clear picture what is causing the disturbance. The new book is called, Blessed are the Wicked. It will be out sometime in 2013. I am also working on living a normal life. I miss normalcy. I have moved to Myrtle Beach, SC and I have to tell you the beach is good for the soul. There are other things I am working on. I am also really turning my focus to hard core research and the development of new ideas which I hope will help us gain a better understanding. You know the one thing about me that differs from the rest of the paranormal crowd is I am not doing one ounce of my work for them. My focus is the regular guy out there. I want to answer his or her questions about life and death. I want to take them on a journey they may have never thought of taking or are too afraid to take that step. The paranormal crowd is just preaching to the choir. The other people are the ones that matter. Them, and those out there who are in need of quality help and a kind word.


TWITTER: @StevenLaChance


Books: Available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Books a Million, and anywhere books are sold.

The Uninvited Book Cover


The Uninvited
Blessed are the Wicked (coming soon)  
The Morse Mill Project:
Children Of The Grave
The Possessed
A Haunting “Fear House”
The Unseen
Supernatural Fifth Season

Blessed are the Wicked is Steven’s next book which is a follow up to his best selling book “The Uninvited.” It will be released in 2013.

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Dave_Considine_PhotoINTERVIEW WITH




Phantasm Psychic Research Team 

Interviewed by T. Fox Dunham

Dave Considine and Barbie Heid along with the members of the Phantasm Psychic Research Team are the premier ghost hunters in the world now that the Warrens have passed on. They’re leading the efforts to pull back the layer of the otherside. Dave have been a consultant for A Ghost Story for three seasons and interviewed on a few episodes. They were kind enough to answer a few questions for me for the project this year.

Q: How did this whole ghost hunting thing get started?

We developed into what you see today as the Phantasm Psychic Research Team over time. All of us who are members of the team basically started off with personal “paranormal” experiences, which inspired us all early in life to seek further information on the subject. Being of like minds, it just worked out that individually all of us over the years in our own personal journey at different times became investigators for Ed and Lorraine Warren and this is where we all met.

Q: Could you describe your method to my readers? Is it a process you’ve developed?

The Phantasm Psychic Research Team is very clear in its belief system and investigative techniques. We seat ourselves in the category of both ghost hunting and religious demonology, the study of how supernatural and preternatural beings can intercede in the lives of humans. In other words, we believe there are different types of spirits, not just those of the deceased. The first thing we do is determine the severity by conducting interviews over the phone initially, followed of course by a physical investigation. We try to build a timeline of the events that resulted in the situation. The stages are classified as invitation, obsession, infestation, oppression, and possession. It is important to note that we can only aid a person if they choose to be alleviated of this problem. An investigation is fruitless unless the person wants the spiritual assault to stop.

If they willingly invited it in, they have to want it to leave or we can be of no help.

Q: I know by now you must be experts just from the experience you’ve had, and that many formal institutions don’t offer paranormal research as a major. What sort of training have you had? Was it formal or private study?

Dave was trained personally by Ed Warren as a religious demonologist, which led to him being the assistant to Catholic exorcist + O.P Bishop Robert McKenna. Also over the years he worked very closely with many other noted figures in the fields of paranormal research, including exorcist Fr. Malachi Martin, Fr. James Lebar of the New York Arch Diocese and Fr. Rama Coomaraswamy, M.D Assistant Director of the Albert Einstein institute of Psychiatry NY, New York, among others. Dave is also a trained in drug, alcohol and domestic violence counseling which helps greatly in our case work when dealing with individuals and families.

So, with the combined knowledge of everyone in the Phantasm Psychic Research Team from working already with the Warrens and drawing knowledge from there own backgrounds, under the direction of Dave we developed into Phantasm Psychic Research as you see it today and we have been in operation since 1994.

Q: You and your group are internationally recognized ghost hunters. I’ve seen you on telly live and depicted by actors. It must attract a lot of attention. So you must get a lot of requests from people for help. How do you determine which cases you investigate?

Yes, we do receive a lot of emails and letters from around the world, but we never turn anyone away who wants help, even if it’s not a spiritual problem. Sometimes, it comes to light during the interview phase that the person may actually be suffering from a psychiatric problem. In that instance, we would stay with them until they got the psychiatric help they need. When a case takes this path, usually we have to bring in the whole family and set up counseling for them as well. But we never leave a case until it is completely done and the family has what they need.

Q: You’ve been at this awhile. You must have had some cases that fizzle out on and some cases that shake your understanding of life and death. When you think back to your collective experiences, are there any events that stand out in your mind? Can you tell us about some of those stunning experiences?

To be honest, some cases don’t turn out the way you would like to see them end. Occasionally, if the family’s faith is not centered correctly, or if there were already domestic problems present, the situation may lead to the breakup of a family. That’s something we hate to see, and we are always waiting in the wings to provide further counseling, and or professional help if they require it. But normally, we are able to use the individual or family’s faith to wrap up cases successfully and get them back on the road they need to be on with their faith.

There are quite a few cases we can think of actually, but two in particular come to mind. The cases we are speaking of had to do with a morti­cian’s assistant who was a satanic necrophiliac and had become pos­sessed by a demon and the other was a demonic infestation in a home here in Connecticut which involved a magic mirror.

The disturbing details involving these two cases will haunt us for a long, long time.

Q: Tell us about your cadre of paranormal detectives.

The Phantasm Psychic Research Team includes twelve members, and reinforcements when necessary. Each one of us has a specific function. Dave Considine is a religious demonologist and also is the director & cofounder of Phantasm Psychic Research. Barbara Considine is the cofounder of the group, and an investigator specializing in counseling individuals and families. Barbie Heid is PPR’s case manager and investigator. John Arel is the group’s technical director. Investigator Mark Oneto is responsible for “security” for the group, which in this field involves both visible and invisible threats. Our team’s logistics guy is Investigator Chris Daddio, who a lot of times has to meet the groups needs in completely unpredictable situations. Jeff Messenger and Linda Oneto, and Julie Groom are veteran investigators, always ready for the next task – wherever it may be.

Our team works with many exorcists and deliverance ministers, but we do have our own core group of clergymen whom we work with consistantly. These men are of great faith, and seasoned individuals in there field of expertise. Exorcist +O.P Bishop Robert McKenna has helped many people over the years, and Phantasm has been blessed with his help in many of our cases where it was necessary for Exorcism. Exorcist +Father K is essential to the group, for he is our field exorcist and we count on him greatly in our out of state as well as local cases especially when we feel exorcism may be needed. Deliverance Minister +Reverend Leon Wilkes is also a great asset due to his ministry, knowledge and faith.

Q: Are you off on any cases now? Something coming up in the future?

We just wrapped up four cases, all in the Midwest, and we have three more waiting for our help down the Atlantic seaboard. We don’t like to take on too many cases at a time because we like to be able to give them the individual attention they need.

At this time we are involved with multiple feature film, television documentary projects and are currently on our 2013-2014 lecture tour Night of the Haunted, Beyond the Paranormal. We are also looking forward to releasing our new book- “Where Angels Fear To Tread”, which will highlight cases the Phantasm Psychic Research Team has been involved with over the years.

Q: Do you believe sans a doubt that there is life after death? It would be comforting if you said yes and told me why. I’m a bit scared.

We believe that there is more than just a patch of grass and a marker over our heads when we die. Death is not an end, but a beginning – moving forward into a new and higher dimension, one of enlightenment; and learning the answers to mysteries kept hidden while we inhabited the earth. Proof that as a being, as a soul, we do survive the grave.




PODCAST 16: Ghost Hunters

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Afterlife Sessions LOGOZach Smith & Perry Johnson join us as co-hosts on episode 16. Zach & Perry are the famed #paranormal investigators from the popular web series, Afterlife Sessions, nearly a cable series on Destination America. (Pick ‘em up!) Z&P have been encountering #ghosts all of their lives, and for four years, they’ve been out documenting their ghost hunts with professional production quality. They know how to tell a story. The duo hang out with us for this episode, telling us their many ghost experiences and how they produce such a quality show—and some of their encounters are chilling.


Zach contributed our true ghost story, “Tommy”. It’s a story about his first paranormal experience with a childhood friend. Jon Prive narrates the story.

 #Afterlife Sessions travels around the country investigating the paranormal and educating their audience about the history of each location and the spiritual realm. With emotional episodes and stirring evidence, Afterlife Sessions aspires to turn skeptics into believers.

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(Four years of episodes. Two friends, Zach & Perry, explore the ethereal plane. They document their exploration using professional quality and tell a story. Check out their episodes on the above channel.)


Check out this photo they shot of a Shadow man on their recent expedition at Malvern Place. A shadow figure is often associated with a demonic presence– a terrible and powerful force of darkness with intelligence, a dark incorporeal being full of hate. Christians call them Demons or Fallen Angels. Pagans call them Nochd Sidhe (Gaelic for Night Spirit.) Such demonic presences were never alive and infect buildings with their parasitic energy. This was caught by Zach & Perry.

More Info about Shadow Men from A Haunting Wiki:

Demon Face

Many haunted by a demonic presence, or Shadow Man wake up to such a sight watching them as they sleep. They have two options–a religious exorcism or attempt to flee their home. Neither always works. The demon returns or follows the family. It is a terrible war.

On Episode 16: Ghost Hunter – we talk about Zach & Perry’s recent #paranormal investigation in Iowa at Malvern Manor–a place of the forgotten, the lost, even in the death

Malvern Picture


Jess McHugh

Jessica McHugh reads a chapter from her new horror-erotica novel from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing: The Train Derails in Boston. Warning . . . this is not for children.

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Book Synopsis:

Rebecca Malone has problems. Not just the alcohol. Not just her husband’s inane attempts at writing a bestselling novel, their teenage daughter’s promiscuity, or her certifiable mother. Not even her lover, who wants to take her husband’s place in Cherrywood Lodge, the famous estate she now calls home. Her biggest issues start the moment she discovers a chest of ancient mahjong tiles in the basement of her new house, causing her life to spin out of control with hallucinations, sexual deviances, and grisly murders. Is the mahjong game haunted? Or are Rebecca’s problems part of a different game, started before she was born?

Train Book

British #folksinger David Walton returns with his version of an eerie folksong, The Grim King. Once again, he haunts us with his mournful melody.

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